On The Seventh Day of Christmas…
December 20th, 2011 by slangon

…my collection gave to me Seven TTM Autos, Six 1960 High Numbers, Five Checked Up Checklists, Four Mini Cards, Three Jersey Relics, Two 56’s, And a Cardboard Zeppelin!

A TTM Success from Out of Nowhere
November 15th, 2011 by slangon

Or at least it seems like it was out of nowhere since I sent it out over a year ago. Craig Swan pitched for the Mets for 12 seasons, from 1973 to 1984. For some reason I was under the impression that he bounced around a bunch of teams, but apparently, outside of 5 innings […]

A TTM Success for the Mets Home Opener
April 8th, 2011 by slangon

So the Mets are playing their home opener later today against the Nationals with the incomparable R.A. Dickey taking the bump for the Mets. They enter the first home stand with a .500 record after splitting their first road trip 3-3. I’ve got to say that I have mixed feeling on the season so far. […]

The First Spring Training TTM of 2011
March 3rd, 2011 by slangon

Earlier in the year, I had written up a State of the Blog post that was really more of a list of New Years resolutions for how I go about collecting cards. One of the goals that I had set for myself was sending out more TTM requests. Like most New Years resolutions that most […]

Two More TTM Successes
February 24th, 2011 by slangon

Got 2 more TTM requests back in the last couple of weeks. So far with the new Everyday Joes cards I’m 6 for 7. Not bad. Also, that 7th card was actually a Spring Training request, and those guys just got into camp a week or so ago, so I’m still hopeful about that one. […]

A Back Log of TTM Success
January 28th, 2011 by slangon

Just after the New Year, I had sent out a flurry of TTM requests and kept promising myself that I was going to send out lots of customs to get signed this year and blah blah blah. After that initial flurry, I kind of slacked off again, but a lot of the cards that I […]

My First TTM Success of the New Year
January 12th, 2011 by slangon

Right on the footsteps of my 1st official card acquisition of the new year comes my 1st TTM success of the new year. I don’t mean that this is the first one I received back in the new year, either. I sent this out on January 3 and a week later it was back in […]

A TTM That Time Forgot (Almost)
January 7th, 2011 by slangon

The last couple of days, pretty much since the calendar changed over to 2011 in fact, I’ve been thinking more and more about TTM autograph requests. I sent my first request sometime in September of 2009, and kind of went on a bit of a tear with it for a few months. Coincidentally (or maybe […]

A Tough Luck TTM Success
June 9th, 2010 by slangon

It seems like while I was busy with that Series 2 box break, my mailbox was working over time. This was one of the things that popped out of it. 2010 SlangKo Sport Stars #28 Daniel Murphy I was pretty glad to get this through-the-mail request back since Murph is one of my favorite players […]

A TTM Success… from Space.
May 21st, 2010 by slangon

2010 SlangKo Award Winners Bill “The Spaceman” Lee You remember when I used to get TTM autographs all the time? Yeah, me neither. I did get this Bill Lee card back signed, however. It only took 3 months. I say that in a snarky, condescending way, but in reality 3 months is probably nothing in […]