Charm City Cards
November 27th, 2013 by slangon

Continuing with my effort to show off some cool cards that I’ve gotten in the last couple of months that have inspired me to get back on the blogging horse, here’s some random cards that I added to my collection in Baltimore of all places. Back in August, the wife and I took a long […]

Well, I Guess It’s Safe To Say the Book Value Will Never Dip Below 25¢
March 16th, 2012 by slangon

I’ve had these, uh, cards, I guess, in my possession for quite a while. Probably slightly longer than when I got back into collecting a couple of years back. My mother-in-law had given them to me for Christmas. She has long been a keen supporter of my love of the Mets and it was more […]

Some Weirdo Mets Cards Revisited
November 15th, 2010 by slangon

Many, many moons ago, I had written a post about some oddball Mets cards that I had acquired sometime during my first foray into card collection back when I was a youngster. That post elicited one comment from a mysterious “MrHaverkamp”. Mr. Haverkamp wrote: Do some searches on cards from the era called “Broders”. They […]