Mets Through the Years: Right Field
October 3rd, 2012 by slangon

I’ve got to get this up before 4:10. Of course I had to leave right field for last. The Mets have had more right fielders in their history than any other position. Typical. Anyway… In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the New York Mets, I’ve been looking at the primary players at each position […]

Mets Through the Years: Third Base
September 4th, 2012 by slangon

Man, I’ve been slacking on this series. I still have 5 positions left to go and only about a month left in the season. We’ve already looked at the managers, catchers, Opening Day starting pitchers, first basemen and second basemen. We’ve also gone through the players the Mets have sent to the All-Star Game every […]

Mets Through the Years: The All-Star(s), 1995
July 10th, 2012 by slangon

1995 was the last year that there would only be 1 Mets player at the Mid-Summer Classic. For a few years at least. Bobby Bo would make his final All-Star appearance in 1995. This year, he took over for Vinny Castilla at third base during the 6th inning. He ended up with 1 at-bat. He […]

Mets Through the Years: The All-Star(s), 1993
July 10th, 2012 by slangon

For the third time in their history, the Mets were mired in another stretch of only sending one player to the All-Star Game. And Booby Bonilla was that player. He entered in the 6th, replacing former teammate Barry Bonds in left field. He only got 1 at-bat. He singled off of Rick Aguilera, but was […]

A Steaming Pile of Stuff To Do, Part VI
November 12th, 2009 by slangon

The 90’s portion of the box. Or at least my favoritest. 1991 Baseball Card Price Guide Monthly #25 Howard Johnson – A weird card I’d never seen before. Blatant rip-off of 71 Topps, which is cool with me. On the back, instead of stats, it has “Pocket Price Guide” Card Values. Hojo’s 83 Donruss ran […]