A Steaming Pile of Stuff To Do, Part IV
November 7th, 2009 by slangon

Ever since I started getting addicted to partaking in this TTM thing, I always get really excited when I find a letter in the mailbox addressed to me in my own hand writing. I feverishly try to guess who it could be from as I walk back inside and put the rest of the mail away. This one did not require too much guessing.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It is none other than Virgil “Fire” Trucks. I had seen a while back on Carl Crawford Cards some TTM success with this feller, so I decided to hit him up with a SlangKo Heroes of the Diamond Custom jobby, which he very graciously returned, stamped and signed.


But he didn’t stop there. No sir. He also included not one…


not two…


not even three…


but four additional cards…


all hand signed.

Wow. That’s all I can say. Can you imagine? Some random stranger sends you something, asking you to do them the favor of autographing it and putting it back in the mail for them, and what do you do? Not only fulfill their request, but also throw in a bunch of other awesome stuff. This dude it great. I wish he were my neighbor. I’d rake his leaves, shovel his snow and force my wife to bake pies for him every Sunday.

Of course aside from being an extreeeeeemely generous TTM signer, Mr. Trucks is know for two things mostly. First, the man has a friggin’ kick-ass nick name, which he very cleverly translated into a friggin’ kick-ass autograph. Secondly, during the 1952 season, he tossed two no-hitters, one of only 4 dudes to do so. What makes that even more bad-ass is that one of those no-hitters was against the 1952 Yankees, who would go on to win the ’52 World Series and guys with names like Berra, Martin, Rizzuto and Mantle. He was also a 2 time All-Star and won 177 games over the course of his career, against 135 loses.

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  1. awesome signing. congrats!

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