A Steaming Pile of Stuff To Do
November 3rd, 2009 by slangon

Did you ever think you were really on top of things, but then took a look at your desk and realized that you weren’t?

stufftodoOver the last few days, things I’ve gotten in the mail and at the card store have been piling up like doo-doo at a dog show. Let’s see what we can do to clear up some of that crap.

Today I’m just going to focus on a couple of trades I worked out over at SportsCardFun.com. I’ve made quite a few trades through this site, and have mentioned it on this blog before. I feel like it’s starting to bog down a bit though. The trades I’ve been making over there have been less frequently and less interesting. It sort of seems like all the sudden, if you’re not trading cut signatures or quadruple triple patch relics autographed by Babe Ruth and Jesus, nobody wants to do business.

I was able to work out a few cards that I needed for my ’09 Goudey set, however. Funny thing about this set is I’m really only trying to finish it at this point because I’m kind of close to being done. I remember when it first came out back in May or June or whatever I was all jazzed up about it, mostly just based on the 2007 and 2008 version of it, which I thought were awesome. This one, not so much. I ran out and wasted money on bought a hobby box as soon as it came out. After that, I got a blaster or two, thinking that it would grow on me. Next thing I knew I had almost a whole set of cards that I didn’t really want. In hind sight, I should have just bought a few packs to get a taste first. That way I would’ve known to save my pennies for something else. I know a lot of folks seem down on Goodwin Champions, but I would’ve been much happier collecting that than Goudey. But what is done is done. No use crying over crappy cards, right?

So with that out of the way, let’s see what I got.

First trade comes from Roger down in Myrtle Beach. I gave him a mish-mash of 08 A&G, 09 Goudey and 09 Topps for these:

09GOUDEY_0309GOUDEY_02You know, I know they’re not the coolest cards ever, but maybe they’re not as bad as I thought. Or maybe they are. Actually, they are pretty bad. That green is gross, and you couldn’t find a more interesting picture of Josh Hamilton than him taking off his shades? Come on, Upper Deck. They even downplayed his tattoos. That would’ve at least been a little cool. Bleck.

The second one comes from Wisconsin Dave. I pawned off a bunch of 09 Goudey doubles on him and he sent me these:

At least there’s some cool stuff going on with these cards. First off, there’s a Met, even if it’s a Met that I barely recognize because I haven’t seen him since May. I’m torn on the 4-in-1 inserts. I think they’re sort of cool, but I think it’s incredibly lame that they use the same exact images from the base cards. And even though this particular one has a definite theme of shortstops going on, half the time it just seems like it’s 4 random dudes thrown on a card. The Niekro card I can’t really complain about. It’s a short print. It’s a Hall of Famer. It actually looks pretty good. You can actually tell it’s Phil Niekro. The yellow back ground doesn’t make me sea sick or crave pea soup. He’s striking a pretty classic pitchers baseball card pose. It works.

All in all, I’m just happy to be able to cross 6 more of these things off my list. I also want to apologize to Roger and Dave. I don’t mean to yell at your cards. You’re not the ones who made them crappy. Upper Deck did that.

So that takes care of step one. Coming up next there’s a couple of eBay buys, some card shop goodies, a TTM return and a giant box of Mets goodness, courtesy of Mark from Stats On The Back. And no more whining. I promise.

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  1. I can help you with a few more of those Goudeys I believe . . .

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