A Sunday Dose of Football Cards
November 1st, 2009 by slangon

So once again, a couple of packs of Topps Magic to open while I watch some football games.

Same drill as before. I’m just posting the cool stuff.

09MAGICcook_pettigrewWe’ll start it off this week with a couple of rookie cards. Jared looks like he wants to fight. Brandon looks like he wants to dance.

09MAGICwilliamsYou gotta love dudes named “Cadillac”. I actually didn’t realize that this was a Cadillac Williams card at first. I guess I thought his name really was Cadillac, not Carnell. Did you know there was also a jazz trumpeter named Cadillac Williams?

09MAGICwhite_pope_willis_MA trio of mini parallels. Willis looks scary. I always thought that about those football helmets with the built-in visors. It makes you look like a storm trooper or something.

09MAGICclowney_washingtonA couple of Jets. I’m a Giants fan, but unlike the Yankees, I don’t have hard feelings against the Jets. It sucks that Washington went down. I think that’s really going to hurt them.

09MAGICmanningAnd speaking of the Giants. Sweet. This puts me down to just two cards to have all the Giants from this set. Let’s get this damn offense going this week, Eli. Losing 3 games in a row is not acceptable.

09MAGICjackson_lynchAlumniHere we go with the inserts. First up is a MAgic Alumni of DeSean Jackson and Marshawn Lynch. I’ve never really followed college football much, but having collected this set, I’ve been realizing what a popular color combination blue and yellow is for college football uniforms.

09MAGICbushAAAnd finally a Reggie Bush All-American. Did you know Reggie had dinner with Condoleezza Rice?

Well, that’ll do it for this weeks football cards. I’m off to finish up some chores so I can spend the rest of the day watching football, drinking beer and eating all the leftover Halloween candy. Don’t forget to turn your clocks back, and enjoy that extra hour.

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