Card of the Moment #7
November 2nd, 2009 by slangon

1967 Topps #42 Mets Team Card


Lets stick with this team card theme for a bit, shall we? I already discussed the 1964 version, from when the Mets just got off of a miserable 51-111 season record. Here we are, just three short years later. The school principal is still there. The mysterious men in white. The overpowering super-duper yellow background. From what I can tell from Topps grainy photographs, this might be the same exact team. This could in fact be the same exact card except  they traded their Day-Glo Orange letters for Day-Glo pink. Well, I don’t mind. I liked this card when it was from 1964, I still like it now that it’s from 1967.

Just to be sure, though, lets check out the back.


Well, well. Perhaps I spoke too soon. It looks like our lovable losers are losing some of their losing ways. They’ve improved to 66-95. They’ve actually got 3 pitchers with winning records. Their batting leader is hitting .288. Whadda you know? But because they’re the Mets, the team would take a bit of a step backwards in ’67, posting a 61-101 record. After that though, they would improve to 73-89 in 1968, and of course would go on to a 100-62 record and a World Series Championship in 1969.

I wonder if the guys in white were around for that.

3 Responses to “Card of the Moment #7”

  1. I love the ’67 set, even the Met’s cards.

  2. Is that Yogi (5th from the left seated in the first row)?

  3. You know, it’s a bit hard to tell from the scan, but I’m sure it is. He was a player/coach on the Mets in 1965, then just a coach up until 1972, when he took over as manager after Gil Hodges passed away. I think it was part of that strategy on the Mets part of bringing on beloved New York baseball figures after their prime. (Yogi, Duke Snider, Casey Stengel, Gil Hodges, Willie Mays, etc.)

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