Happy Beer Drinking Day!
March 17th, 2013 by slangon

Despite my apparent sabbatical from the blog recently, I couldn’t miss the 4th Annual Condition: Poor St. Patricks Day Parade of Cards, once again led by the Grand Marshal, the Mets’ own “Irish Hammer” Daniel Murphy.

So without further ado, let’s get to the wearin’ o’ the green. Grand Marshall Murphy, lead the way.

2010 Topps Heritage Daniel Murphy

1994 Fleer Tommy Greene

1994 Bowman Rick Greene

1991 Bowman Willie Greene

1965 Topps Dick Green

1962 Topps Pumpsie Green

1962 Topps Dallas Green

1961 Topps Fred Green

1960 Topps Gene Green

2009 Topps Update Tyler Greene

2009 Topps Update Nick Green

2007 Goudey Shawn Green

2007 Goudey Khalil Greene

2006 Topps Todd Greene

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