Some Snow Day Cards
February 9th, 2013 by slangon

I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but at the moment I’m sitting under roughly a foot of snow. That’s a slightly annoying amount, but after the way everyone around here and in the media was freaking out over the last few days, it seems like a coating. Anyway, what better way to celebrate the fact that I’m not buried under 15 feet of snow (and to procrastinate shoveling) than to show some cards I recently got from the old Sportlots Quarter Bin. Yes. That’s right. I actually bought some baseball cards this year. What of it?

Let’s start things off with a trio of 1969 Topps cards.

1969 Topps Gene Brabender

1969 Topps Dave Leonhard

1969 Topps Larry Dierker

I’ve noticed that I’ve got a bit of a love / hate thing going on with ’69 Topps. I don’t particularly like the design. I find the images generally boring. It’s the only Mets team set from the 60’s that I’ve actually finished so there’s not too many cards from that year that I actually need. But they’re always so damn cheap I can’t help but picking up a few here and there. Although I do like that Larry Dierker card. I’d like to believe that if I ever found myself lucky enough to be on a baseball card, I’d have a smile like that, too.

I was also able to chip away a bit at my manager and team card collection.

1972 Topps Eddie Kasko

1974 Topps Dodgers Staff

1971 Fleer World Series John McGraw

1960 Topps Cincinnati Red Team Card

1959 Topps Chicago Cubs Team Card

It’s always a good feeling to chip away at this collection, but I particularly like this batch of cards. The cast of characters on that ’74 Dodgers card is just awesome and you’ve got to be happy any time you can snag a 50’s team card like that Cubbies one. By the by, that Fleer World Series card is from 1971. You can tell because it’s got a back black rather than a blue back. Well, I guess I should say I can tell since I was too lazy to scan and post the back so that you could tell. Just trust me.

After the managers and team cards comes the Hall of Famers.

1975 Topps World Series Highlights Reggie Jackson

Like any other good American, I love Reggie Jackson, but I would love him so much more if he was never a Yankee.

1974 Topps Ron Santo

At the time I was buying this, I knew for a fact that I already had this card, but for 18¢, I just couldn’t leave it.

1974 Topps Orlando Cepeda

There’s something really fascinating about cards of great players from really late in their careers. They oftentimes wind up in very unfamiliar uniforms and end up with very strange positions, like “Catcher/Coach” or “Des. Hitter”.

1971 Topps Catfish Hunter

Speaking of unfamiliar and strange, didn’t anyone tell Catfish that the Oakland A’s were also known as the Mustache Gang?

1972 Kellogg's All-Time Greats Cy Young

This here’s a 1972 Kellogg’s All-Time Great card of Denton True Young, it’s all it’s crackly glory. I’d heard tell that these early Kellogg’s cards were prone to this sort of aging due to the type of plastic they used to coat them. Seeing as I own 1 early 70’s Kellogg’s card and it’s all cracked up, I think that it 100% true all of the time. That’s how scientific process works, isn’t it?

I didn’t forget my favorite team, no matter how forgettable they’ve been lately.

1972 Topps Tom Seaver Boyhood Photos of the Stars

Like the Ron Santo card above, I knew for a fact that I had this card, but again, for 18¢ there’s no way that I can leave this card behind, Boyhood Photos of the Stars or no Boyhood Photos of the Stars.

2012 Topps 1987 Topps Mini R.A. Dickey

This card makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy because, although I don’t love the ’87 design so much aesthetically, I was in full blown collecting mode at the time so it reminds me of some good times. Plus it’s R.A. Dickey. Sad because he won’t be pumping his fist while wearing a Mets uniform any more.

2012 Gypsy Queen Glove Stories Endy Chavez Mini

I don’t believe that I need to get into why this card is so awesome, but I will say kudos to Topps for making this set. I think crazy defensive plays are awesome so it’s nice to see someone making cards paying homage to that.

And this was the last card I picked up.1955 Bowman Granny Hamner

For a quarter. Granny. Unbelievable.

Well, that does it for this manilla envelope full of cards. Judging by the way I’ve been posting so far in 2013, I’ll see you guys in about a month.

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  1. Where is the quarter bin on Sportlots? I can’t seem to find it.

  2. Unfortunately, they don’t have a separate Quarter Bin. You kind of just need to slog through and find the cheap cards. To me that’s part of the fun though.

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