Coney Island, Frenchmen, a Hall of Famer and a Stupid Plastic Bag
October 16th, 2009 by slangon

Seems like my blog has been taken over by the Post-Season Hootenanny lately. I mentioned last week that I had a post in the works involving Coney Island, Frenchmen, a Hall of Famer and a stupid plastic bag. Well, let me explain.

First, what’s with Coney Island and the French? French fries from Nathans? No, sir. It all started because of Jeff Francouer, hence the Frenchman. Since acquiring him from the Bravos, Frenchy was one of the few bright spots in the 09 Mets season for me. Although I was initially bummed that we traded Church, I quickly forgot all about him and came to love our new right fielder. Because of that, I decided I wanted to score myself a Francoeur relic or autograph card, and found this:

2008 Goudey Memorabilia #JF Jeff Francoeur Jersey

08GOUDEYfrancoeurRelicI know he’s in a Brave’s uniform, but it’s not like I had too many choices as far as him as a Met. Plus I really like the 08 Goudey set. They defiantly should have quit after this one. The 2007 Goudey set is certainly my favorite as far as the Goudey re-issues, but I think this was a good effort too. Plus, it’s always nice to get a jersey swatch that’s not the standard white, gray or black.

On to Coney Island. I have this thing with eBay where if a seller offers combined shipping, I feel obligated to get something else from them just to justify paying as much for shipping as I am for the card. As I scanned the sellers other listings I found this.

2009 Tristar PROjections Tailor Made #TM28 Brad Holt Jersey 051/144

09TRISTARholtNormally, I’m not all that into minor league cards. It almost seems like they get the designer equivalent of minor leaguers to design the cards. But it’s another red jersey. Plus it’s the Brooklyn Cyclones. I’ve been to a handful of their games, and I must say, nothing is more fun than spending a summer day at Coney Island and catching a Met’s minor league game right on the boardwalk. I’m excited to see how this kid develops.

So we’ve covered Coney Island and Frenchmen. Now onto the Hall of Famer. You might recall a while back I had my first TTM success. Well, since that initial success, I got the TTM bug. I’m not so much interested in active players right now, but I got really excited about trying to score some autographs from some of the old timers. Since I wasn’t too excited about the prospect of mailing out vintage cards of these guys, I jumped on the bandwagon of home-brewed cards for the purpose of getting signed. This was the first one I got back.

But before I reveal who it was, let me explain the stupid plastic bag part of the equation.

As I was getting the mail last Friday, I pulled out the ubiquitous bills and junk mail along with the bubble mailer containing the Francoeur and Holt cards, and saw that there was a strange plastic bag in there as well. Initially I thought it was one of them samples of Tide or All or something that you get from time to time, but as I unfolded it I found this:

USPSbaggieHmm. That doesn’t sound good. I wonder what it could be that got damaged. Let’s see what’s in there. Oh no. It’s a TTM request. Holy monkey balls! Look at that envelope:

envelopeAnd before anyone asks, I did not do any of that damage opening the envelope. I actually didn’t need to open it. There was a gaping hole on the side that was big enough to extract the contents without disturbing the envelope. In side was the letter I wrote along with a mangled top loader with the card. How mangled is mangled, you ask?

toploaderThat scan actually doesn’t do the mangling justice. One side of it was actually ripped. It was bad. Fortunately, the contents of said top loader stood up surprisingly well. A little bit of curving, but no actual creases. No real corner damage. That’s good. Plus it’s a home-made card, so who cares.

So who was it that survived this catastrophe so well?

2009 SlangKo Custom Bobby Doerr

09SLANGKOdoerr_autoHall of Famer and TTM Extraordinaire Mr. Bobby Doerr.

What was super cool was that in the letter, I was explaining to Mr. Doerr that the enclosed card was one that I designed and made myself since I unfortunately did not own any of his regular cards. As I said earlier, the letter I sent was enclosed, and when I looked at it, that section of the letter was circled with a hand written note saying “Now you do.” And this was in the mangled top loader:


How great is that? I would’ve been really bummed if the Post Office had seriously messed these up, but like I said, luckily the damage was pretty minimal.

Pretty damn awesome mail day if I do say so myself.

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  1. Great story! I got one of those mangled envelopes from an eBay guy once. It was a 1976 Thurman Munson. The envelope was trashed but the card survived intact. 🙂

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