I Guess We’ve All Got To Go Sometime
September 23rd, 2012 by slangon

To the Mets game, that is, which is where I’m off to today.

I’ve got kind of mixed feeling on the matter, too. I don’t think I need to remind you what a colossal disappointment the 2012 Mets season has been (we have the media and Yankee’s fans for that), so I’m sure you can emphasize with the fact that I’m none too motivated to schlep my arse all the way out to Queens. One thing lit a small, barely there fire under my butt, however.

That thing is my son. He was born in February of 2009, and at least once every year since he’s been born, we’ve gone to a Mets game. Every year when we’ve gone so far, him and I have take a photo together at the same exact spot in the stadium, in roughly the same exact pose. Every year except for this one that is. That was really the main driving factor. I thought that little tradition we have was pretty cool and, after thinking about it, I couldn’t let it die out just because I’m disgusted with the team. What kind of lesson would I be teaching my boy? It’s cool to go to ball games and root for your team, but only as long as they’re doing well?

I also just want to say congrats on win #19 to this guy.

There have been very few highlights in following the Mets this year, and R.A. happens to be one of them. I believe the team reshuffled their rotation so that he has one last crack at win #20. Here’s to hoping he can either throw a complete game shut out or the Meta can score more than 2 runs in support of him. If I were him I’d shoot for the former. Better chance that way.

Speaking of R.A., a funny thing happened to me on the way to lunch the other day. I left my office and was heading to the deli a block or two away, and as I’m walking down the street, I see a small crowd gathered on the sidewalk about half a block down. As I get closer, I see that a lot of the crowd is brandishing professional-ish looking cameras and some are wearing headsets. As I’m pretty much right on top of the crowd, I instinctively look towards the nucleus of the gathering to check what all the hub-bub is and what do I see but this…

Well, that’s not really what I immediately saw. This is what I saw by the time I picked my jaw up off the ground and got my phone out to take the picture. What I saw was Tim Wakefield (that’s him in the black jacket and navy cap, R.A. Dickey and Hall of Famer Phil Niekro (you can barely see him directly behind that goon in the brown shirt who was totally blocking my shot) standing up against the wall with a gaggle of people pointing cameras at them. It obviously must’ve been some sort of promo thing for Knuckleball!, which of course, is a really awesome looking documentary about, you guessed it, the knuckleball and the brave souls who are, or were, practitioners of that dark art. I kind of wish I was more of a douche, because I totally wanted to hit R.A. and Niekro up for some autographs, but I didn’t want to bother them. Either way, it was a pretty cool, and pretty unexpected way to spend part of my lunch hour.

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