Managerial Ephemera, or Ephemeral Managers?
September 24th, 2012 by slangon

This post has been sitting in my To Do list for quite a while, and for that I apologize to all parties involved.

A while back, Mark, from Mark’s Ephemera, had sent me an email explaining that he was a bit embarrassed to say that it’s taken so long for him to get some cards in the mail for me. Now usually when someone sends an email like that, all signs point to the fact that you had arranged for a trade or something and they were just late in fulfilling their part of the deal. I didn’t remember having any trades in the works with anyone, so I wrote him back saying not to feel embarrassed because I didn’t even remember him owing me any cards.

Turn’s out, he didn’t. He was just being a nice guy and sending me cards for absolutely no reason whatsoever. So now I have these picture cards of crusty old dudes in baseball uniforms, all because one man decided to be nice.

Thanks again for the cards, Mark.

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