Thursday Night Foosball Cards (Whaaaa!?!?)
September 20th, 2012 by slangon

When the hell did they start playing American Football on Thursday? Did I miss something?

I’ve only really been paying attention to football for a pretty short period of time, but one of the things I’ve really grown to love is the whole “Football Sunday Routine”. Wake up early and get your chores done. Stop at the beer store on the way to the in-laws. Grill up some dogs and crack open some brews. Finish eating just in time for the 1 o’clock kick off. Eat, drink and watch football for the next 8 hours. Repeat next Sunday.

It’s a really great way to spend the day with family and friends while eating deliciously terrible food and consuming mass amounts of beer. As much as I love baseball, just the fact that there’s 162 games in a season, there’s no way you could make that big of a deal out of every game, but 16 games a season fits the bill quite nicely.

So here we are in week 3 of the season, and I’ve gotten to watch my favorite team once on Sunday. And to make it slightly more annoying, I had to wait 10 days between week 1 and week 2, and even though there’s a quick turnaround this week, I’m going to have to wait another 10 days until the next Giants game.

Curse my first world problems. Curse them reallll good.

Anyway, let’s put on our helmets boys…

…take to the field…

…and walk away with a smile on our faces.

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  1. They used to start the Thrusday games after the World Seires. Now, with their shiny new network and killer ratings, they decided to do it all year. This is the first year they are doing it, I am not sure what to think of it yet.

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