Some Monday Night Football Cards
October 12th, 2009 by slangon

So, last week I bought some packs of football cards, Philadelphia vs. Magic. Magic won hands down. I went and bought a few more pack to crack while I watched the Giants beat Oakland so badly it made the game really boring. Here’s what I got.

Pack 1:
09MAGICelway#247 John Elway – I guess it doesn’t get much better than starting things off with a Hall of Famer.
09MAGICslaton-white#AD-SW Steve Slaton / Pat White Alumni Insert – Call me a sucker for inserts, but I swear I get excited even if it’s a kind of boring one.
#220 Steve Jackson
#217 Jonathan Stewart
09MAGICparker#183 Willie Parker Black Border Mini – I really wish people would just ditch the whole parallel thing already. They should just make all the cards like this.
#78 Mohamed Massaquoi RC

Pack 2:
09MAGICbush#117 Reggie Bush – I kind of have this system when I’m naming scanned card files. It’s the year, the brand, and the players last name. This one is 09MAGICbush. That sounds like a screen name for some adult chat room.
09MAGICflacco#51 Joe Flacco – I really can’t stress enough what a good looking set I think this is. I know Topps just ripped off an old design, so they didn’t really design anything per se. The execution is really good though.
#6 DeMaco Ryans SP
#150 Mike Hart
09MAGICjohnson#20 Gartrell Johnson RC Black Border Mini – A mini Giant. That’s funny. And a rookie to boot.
#229 LeSean McCoy RC

Pack 3:
09MAGICmanningham#156 Mario Manningham – In the short time I’ve been watching football, Manningham has become one of my favorite players to watch. Makes things very exciting.
09MAGICjones#173 Thomas Jones – Funny. As a Met fan, I kind of hate the Yankees. As a Giants fan, I do not hate the Jets.
#53 Dallas Baker
#224 Derrick Williams SP RC
09MAGICbrown#248 Jim Brown Mini – Another Hall of Fame player with a bad-ass name, in mini form.
#31 Matt Ryan

Pack 4:
09MAGICnicks#181 Hakeem Nicks RC – Sweet. The second Giant rookie of the bunch.
09MAGICmarino#230 Dan Marino – Nice. Yet another Hall of Famer.
#225 Larry Johnson
#113 Dwayne Bowe
#21 Ben Obomanu Mini SP
09MAGIClewis#134 Ray Lewis

The more packs of this set that I break, the more I’m thinking I’m going to try and finish the set. I believe it’s a 250 card base set, which is totally do-able. 50 short prints, which isn’t terrible.

I was also realizing that if I decide to post any more football pack breaks, I’m going to have to seriously step up my game. Normally, when I do baseball pack breaks, I know enough about the players to come up with interesting or funny comments. Not so with these footballers. I will try harder next time. I promise.

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