Mets Through the Years: The All-Star(s), 1962
July 9th, 2012 by slangon

This is the sixth part of my look at the New York Mets over the course of their 50 year history. I’ve already covered the managers, the Opening Day starters, the catchers, the first basemen and the second basemen.

As part of my on-going celebration of the Mets 50th Anniversary, over the course of the All-Star break, I will be looking at the men who’ve represented the team from Flushing at the Mid-Summer Classic, in cardboard form. Since there are so many to show, I will be bombarding you with Mets All-Stars over the course of the next few days, and hopefully I will get them all squeezed in by the time the season resumes on Friday.

Let’s start at the beginning. 1962.

I don’t think it would be news to anyone to say that there weren’t too many All-Stars on the Mets 1962 squad. The team was mostly composed of washed-up stars and guys that no other team wanted enough to bother protecting them in the expansion draft. Richie Ashburn was one of the few guys on the team to have a halfway decent season, although I question wether it was All-Star caliber. He only hit 7 homers and drove in 28, but he did hit .306 on the season, which led the club by a large margin. I guess thank goodness that the rules state every team has to be represented.

Although he was named to the 1962 All-Star team, he did not play.

UPDATE: I totally forgot the fact that 1962 was the last year that they played 2 All-Star games per year. Although Richie didn’t see any action in the first game on July 10 of that year, he did get into the July 30 game at Wrigley Field. He hit for the pitcher in the 7th inning, singling to left. He later came around to score. Unfortunately for National League fans, they still lost 9-3.

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