A Trade to Prove That I’m Still Alive
June 8th, 2012 by slangon

Yes I know that I’ve been terribly slackerish lately. It’s summer time. What can I say? Anyway, today we’re going to look at a pretty sweet trade that I pulled off a week or 2 or 3 ago. Who can remember at this point? Besides, I could just tell you that I made this trade this morning and I’m so on the ball that I’m already posting it. Aside from me and the person who I traded with, you wouldn’t know any better, would you?

Either way, onto the cards.

As you may or may nor recall, a while ago I showed a couple of high number 1962 Rookie Parade cards that I landed that I needed for my ’62 Mets team set. In that post I mentioned that the lot I won was actually 3 ’62 Rookie Parade cards, one of which I had traded away by the time I got around to posting that. Well, Dayf of the much beloved Cardboard Junkie blog was the recipient of said card, and here’s what he sent me in return.

The meat of the trade involved a handful of of high numbered Mets from various team sets that I was in desperate need of, and here they be.

1964 Topps #527 Larry Bearnarth

This puts me at 1 card to finish out the 1964 set. If anybody got an extra ’64 Jim Hickman laying around, I’d be eternally grateful.

1966 Topps #516 Eddie Bressoud

The ’66 set is one that has sort of surprised me as far as how tough some of the higher numbers are. Not only are they a little pricier than what I would’ve expected for such a bleh set, I barely remember ever seeing a Choo Choo Coleman card floating around out there, regardless of the price.

1970 Topps #692 Duffy Dyer

This is another set that I was a little surprised as far as how difficult it’s become. Aside from having several cards of both Seaver and Ryan in it, it’s also the second biggest single year set out of all the Topps Mets sets, at 42 cards. I guess that happens when you won the World Series the year before. Kind of makes me really appreciate the banged up Buddy Harrelson (#634) that I picked up for $0.20.

1972 Topps #741 Hutton/Milner/Miller Rookie Stars

Remember a second ago when I said the 1970 Mets set was the 2nd biggest? Well, Guess what the biggest one is. That’s right. The 1972 Topps Mets set has a crazy 47 cards in it. And a but load of those are numbered higher than 700.

Of course no trade with Dayf with be complete without a sketch card these days.

I have the honor of being the proud owner of an original Dayf sketch of non other than Walt “No Neck” Williams. Awesome.

And the added honor of being the proud owner of a painted Moe Berg. Even Awesomer. I think I now have 4 of these sketch cards and I must say, the quality just keeps getting better and better.

Thanks again for the trade, Dave, and if you enjoy the cards I sent half as much as I enjoyed these, it’ll be a pretty good day in Georgia.

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