Making Up for Bad Blogging, Part III
May 3rd, 2012 by slangon

On we trudge with my attempt to post some cards that I recently picked up. Or at least when I started these posts it was recent. Now not so much. Anyway, here’s some more 60’s Topps cards.

I don’t know what it is, but Cardinals cards from the 1967 set look really awesome to me. I mentioned that with a ’67 Bob Gibson I got forever ago but I’m not sure why it is. My guess is the vivid red, but I can’t be sure.

The next group of cards come from a set that kind of snuck up on me as far as how much I like it – the 1964 set.

I have a couple of Walt Bond’s cards from the 1960’s and they all seem to have this exact same, super excited look. Yippee. I’m on a baseball card. Even though I’m sort of pissed at the Astro’s at the moment for having swept the Mets, I always enjoy picking up a Houston Colt .45 card. Ah, I guess I shouldn’t be mad at the Astros.

Normally, on the other hand, I’m not too excited to get Yankee’s cards. Older Yankee’s cards, though, I don’t mind so much. And this one comes complete with a bonus Clete Boyer.

I’ve stated many, many times on this blog in the past that I prefer action over headshots on my cardboard. This, although it doesn’t quite qualify as a headshot per se, is a perfect example of posed shots that I can get behind. Classic posed pitcher follow through? Check. Lots of pre-game action going on in the background? Check.

You’ve got to love vintage World Series cards. This particular one is of the Dodgers celebrating after their 4 game sweep of the Yankees. It seems to be manager Walt Alston, Marv Breeding, Lee Walls, possible coach Joe Becker and a couple of other unidentified Dodgers swarming Sandy Koufax after he pitched the final out of his complete game, 6 hit, 1 run gem in the final game. I’m not sure if that’s Hector Lopez, who grounded out for the last out, walking back to the dugout behind the mob. I’m also curious as to what that light blue blob is in the background. A tarp?  A lake made of the tears of the Yankees? Either way, cool card.

Sometimes I like to think of baseball cards like I would a baseball glove. I was able to pick up this well-broken in example of the 1963 A.L. Home Run Leaders for the crazy price of 18¢. And yes, that is HArmon Killebrew on there.

And speaking of league leader cards and the Dodgers…

Considering that I’m not a huge fan of the ’61 Topps set, I actually do like the the league leader cards from this issue. Although I do question the cropping and positioning of the heads. First off, why isn’t the bottom of Mike McCormick lined up with the bottom of the blue square like it is on the others? There’s also some weird stuff going on with the way the guys in the bottom row line up with each other. Big Donnie Drysdale looks like he’s coming out of Ernie Broglio’s shoulder and Stan Williams looks like he had Bob Friend growing out of his back.

That does it for the regular issue Topps cards from this particular batch of cards. Sometime in the next year or two, I’ll get around to showing the remaining cards. I promise.

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