Thanks to the Kindness of Others
March 9th, 2012 by slangon

One of the greatest things about this here card collecting hobby and, by extension, blogging about my take on this hobby is the chance to interact with others who love cards as much as I do. I don’t know about you, but in my everyday life, I’m not around a whole lot of people who really understand the hobby or why I would want to participate in it. Because of that, I’m extra appreciative of being able to talk to other collectors and work out trades and just get other peoples informed opinions on cards.

That being said, another thing that I’m always super appreciative of and constantly astounded by is the generosity displayed by the vast majority of the folks that I’ve been lucky enough to come across since I’ve been involved in this little on-line card community. Case in point, over the last week, I’ve gotten 2 envelopes of cards in my mailbox that were sent to me by folks who were just looking to get some cards out of their house and apparently thought I could use them.

The first card comes from Ted over at Crinkly Wrappers, who was looking to clear out some of his unwanted 2011 stock in order to make room for the new 2012 models. He happened to have an extra copy of the final card that I needed to finish up my 2011 Mets team set and was kind enough to send it my way.

Amazingly, that means that I finished up all three 2011 series without having bought a single pack of 2011 Topps. This card also makes me a little bit sad, since it’s the last card that Beltran will be on as a Met. Sometimes I get the feeling that some Mets fans poo-poo Carlos’s tenure as a Met. Something to do with the 2006 NLCS and a called third strike. I, on the other hand, loved Beltran during his time on the team. I thought he was one of the greatest center fielders of his era and feel pretty privileged that I had the opportunity to watch him play for the past 6 1/2 seasons.

I also received a second, completely unexpected envelope from reader Steven, who I had done a trade with a while back. Steven is a fellow Mets fan and sent along a couple of cards along with a note explaining that in these dark days, us Mets fans have to watch out for one another. As part of watching out for me, he sent my first official cards of 2012, or I guess I should say my first official 2012 cards of 2012*.

I’m particularly excited about the Duda card. He is going to be one of the very few things about the 2012 Mets season that will make it worth watching in my eyes. I honestly am not quite sure why Topps chose to include Chris Schwinden in the set. He played in all of 4 games last year in September and didn’t do very well. As far as I’m aware, he’s not very high on the list of Mets prospects, either. He is part of the 2012 Topps Mets team set, though, so I guess I need to have this card.

Either way, thanks again for the cards, guys. You truly are what makes this hobby great.

* I did receive another card that was “manufactured” in 2012, but theoretically, these are my first 2012 cards made by a “real” “card company”, hence the inclusion of the word “official.

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