A Card Day’s Night (Groan)
December 23rd, 2011 by slangon

Now that it’s mere days before Christmas, I thought I’d show off a card that I unexpectedly received on Thanksgiving. My family and I were visiting my parents, who own a 4 family house. Recently, they were doing minor renovations on one of the apartments to get ready to rent it out. Part of those renovations involved busting open a closet wall for one reason or another. As can be expected with a lot of older houses, there was a bit of accumulated junk inside of the wall, including this.

I don’t think my mom really knew what the heck it was, but she knows that I like cards and since this is vaguely card-like, she put it aside for me. Honestly, when I first saw this, I really had no idea what the heck it was either, aside from being a picture of Sir Paul, but then I turned it over and took a gander at the back.

That backside looks awfully familiar.

Of course, I could’ve just looked at the “©T.G.C. Printed in U.S.A.” down at the bottom. This hunk of cardboard is a Topps card. And it looks kind of oldish. And who knows when the last time that wall was opened up.

Apparently, this was from a set of Beatles themed cards that Topps put out in 1964. There was 3 series consisting of 50 to 60 cards each. This one was from the second series as it clearly states on the back. Series 1 was cards 1-60. Series 2 was cards 61-115. Series 3 was 116-165.

Interestingly, considering the Beatles only invaded America in February of 1964, Topps jumped on that bandwagon pretty quickly.

All in all, it’s probably not necessarily a card I would’ve gone out of my way to acquire, it’ll make a nice addition to the old non-sports collection.

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