The Quest for the 1960 Topps Set, Part XXX
November 19th, 2011 by slangon

A while back, Greg at the always excellent Night Owl Cards had posted a certain card of a certain Dodger from a certain 1960 Topps baseball card set that happened to be not only a card that I needed, but one that I had especially wanted for quite a while. In said post, he mentioned that he already had said card in a little bit better condition. I took the chance of contacting him and throwing an offer on the table which he in turn accepted. What was this certain card, you ask?

1960 Topps #388 Gil Hodges World Series Game 4 Highlight

As you can probably tell from the fact that I’m actually trying to collect the 1960 Topps set, it’s one of my favorite sets. Although I am not a Dodgers fan per se, Gil Hodges happens to be one of my favorite players from back in the day. Aside from the fact that he was an original Met and went on to lead them to their first World Series Championship, I respect what he did as a player and the way that he conducted himself. Add to that the fact that the World Series cards from the 1960 set happen to be one of favorite designs from that set and you can easily see why it is that I’ve wanted this card for what seems like  forever.

Also, from the Observation That I Think are Funny About How Things Have Changed Throughout the Years Deaprtment, isn’t it funny how Gil just hit a home run that essentially won Game 4 of the World Series for his team giving them a 3-1 lead in the series and nobody’s dog piling him or slapping his ass or doing some wacky, super complicated high-five/dance maneuver. They’re just giving him a hand shake. An honest to goodness handshake. Those crazy late-50’s/early 60’s ballplayers.

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  1. The were so … reserved … then.

    I like it.

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