Did You Watch That World Seri — Hey Look, a Shiny Thing
October 20th, 2011 by slangon

I tried. I started watching the game last night and for the first few innings I was into it. Particularly the first inning, when there was a few very strange plays.

In the top of the inning, Ian Kinsler was batting and slapped a grounder down the third base line that ended up for a hit. What made it strange to me was his follow through, which you can see here around the 0:04 mark. He damn near screwed himself into the ground.

Not to be outdone by Kinsler’s goofy looking hit, Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter had his own defensive, uh… what’s the opposite of “gem”? Turd? Okay. We’ll roll with it. Chris Carpenter dropped a defensive turd of his own in that same frame, which you can see here.

Eventually, though, I fell victim to Tony LaRussa’s incessant bullpen fiddling and my own lack of attention span. Every time he would make a call to the ‘pen (which seemed to happen every 3 minutes) I would start flipping around the channels. Each time it happened, I would spend more time flipping and less time checking back into the game until I eventually got sucked into Mythbusters and stopped watching the game all together. Lame, I know.

I’ll try harder tonight during Game 2.

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