And So It Begins
October 19th, 2011 by slangon

As everyone knows, tonight kicks off the 106th World Series, with Game 1 getting underway in St. Louis. And no, the card at the top of this post is not some not-so-subtle way of me rooting for the Cardinals. I just happened to have picked up a bunch of World Series highlight cards from the Quarter Bin recently and this was the only Game 1 card in the bunch. While we’re on the subject of this card, I just want to point out that I think this is a very strange choice of a photo for this particular card. First off, if you’re going to go with “Brock Socks 4-Hits in Opener” as your highlight, which is a pretty good choice as far as I’m concerned, wouldn’t you want to pick a photo of him, you know, actually getting a hit. I could be wrong, but that does not look like the follow through of a guy who just made solid contact with ball. I’d say he either wiffed, or at best, fouled it off down the first base line. Secondly, I know that this card is supposed to be all about Lou Brock and not the pitcher (who would’ve been either Jose Santiago or John Wyatt, depending on what inning this photo was taken) but do you really have to use a picture where he’s completely concealed by the ump?

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. So there’s this World Series thing going on tonight. The American League Champion Texas Rangers will face off against the National League Champion St. Louis Cardinals.

It’s funny. Coming off the high of Game 162 of the regular season, I was pretty interested in the first round of the playoffs, but my interest began to fade as the post-season progressed. I’m not 100% sure about this, and I almost hate to say it, but I think it had a lot to do with the Yankees and the Phillies being ousted in the first round. I guess rooting against a team you really hate is easier than rooting for a team that you have luke warm feelings about. That being said, and I hate to do this to Texas fans 2 years in a row, I feel slightly less luke warm about the Rangers than I do about the Cardinals, so I’m totally rooting for the Rangers. I guess than means the Cardinals are going to win.

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