Some Sunday Afternoon Vintage Foosball
October 2nd, 2011 by slangon

Since I have a little time before the Giants game starts, and since the baseball playoffs have proved to be no where near as exciting as Game 162, I figured I’d show a couple of old football cards that I picked up recently.

All three cards are from the 1969 Topps Football set.

First up, we have Jim Colclough, who played for the Patriots back when they were known as the Boston Patriots. First off, I just want to say, no offense to Jim, but that is a weird last name. Every time I attempt to say it out loud I end up sounding like I have a jelly fish caught in my throat. Secondly, I love the look on his face. It’s like “What the hell is this thing? A football? What’s a football?” It takes me back to my days as a kid when I would get picked last in class for football (or whatever other sport we were playing) and somehow, probably by accident I would catch the ball. I would have that same exact look of surprise mixed with horror.

I’m pretty intrigued by the design of these cards. When looked at overall, it doesn’t jump out at me as a superb design, but once I start to break it down into it’s individual design elements, I really like it. First off, although a lot of folks don’t seem to care too much for the 1958 Topps baseball design, it is one of my personal favorites, so I enjoy the whole silhouetted figure on a solid block of color. Secondly, I am always a fan of older team logos, which are prominently displayed on these cards. Since I am much more informed of a fan of baseball than I am of football, many of these older logos are new to me which makes them extra cool. Another detail that I kind of like, juts because I find it to be sort of random is the fact that they made the first letter of both the first and last names red instead of black. Not always, but sometimes I find weird things like that refreshing. The final thing that I really notice about these cards is another thing that falls into that category of being just really weird and random, but for some reason I like it. If you notice, the solid block of color bleeds to the edge of the card, except for the white strip on the bottom (obviously). If you also notice, the photos of the players are cropped and do not bleed to the edge. As someone who does graphic design for a living, I can’t think of one good reason why you would do that, especially when you do even weirder things like crop the tips of Dave Whitsell’s fingers off.

The backs of the cards are also really interesting.

It’s a pretty classic 1960’s card back. It has all the usual elements such as vital stats, a bio, playing statistics and an informative cartoon. What makes these backs so cool to me is that I don’t think I can recall ever seeing an all black card back before. It looks really awesome.

Out of the three 69’s I picked up, this one if my favorite, just because I absolutely love the photograph.

Hello, ladies.

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