Thanks to the Generosity of Others… (The Conclusion)
September 28th, 2009 by slangon

So the second envelope came to me courtesy of everyone’s favorite Orioles fan, Beardy.

A while back, Beardy had slapped a post up on his blog saying that since he wasn’t collecting the set, he waould be giving away base cards from the box of 2009 Tristar Obak that he busted. So I left a comment saying that I’d be interested in any Mets he might be willing to let go, and then kind of forgot about the whole episode.

Flash forward a week or two and I get an email from him asking for my address so he could send out the Obaks. Cool.

Here’s what was in the envelope.

#39 Tom Seaver
09OBAKseaverThat is an awesome jersey. I would love to try and track one of them down for myself.

#37 Nolan Ryan
09OBAKryanNolan looks like he’s pitching on another planet. I bet you he’s still striking people out on that planet though.

#64 Gregg Jefferies
09OBAKjefferiesI don’t get what Jefferies is supposed to be doing. A Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka impersonation perhaps?

Initially, even though I really wanted to, I decided that I wouldn’t buy any Obak’s. I figured I might try to get any Mets in the set through trades or eBay, but between money concerns and storage concerns, it wouldn’t make sense for me to try and collect the set. After seeing these cards in person, that might change.

I love the juxtaposition of the stark black and white photos with the techni-color backgrounds. I also really like the tidbits of each player’s minor league history on the back. Another little detail that I love from the back is where ther say “Factory No. 09 1st Dist, Tex.” which is a nod to the old T206 set. The backs of cards from the T206 set would list what factory that particular card was printed in. I would assume that the Obak set was not printed in multiple locations, but it’s just a cool little detail that they included.

I cannot say enough about the generosity displayed by the Man from Baltimore. Thank you so much for the cards, Beardy.

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