Take Me Out to The Ballgame
September 25th, 2011 by slangon

No time for a real post today (as if that’s stopped me from just not posting lately). Heading out to Citi Field in a bit. This is actually my first time out to Flushing all season. Yes. That’s right. My first trip the ball park is also the last home game of the season. What of it?

Anyway, today the Mets will be looking to actually sweep the Philthies.

The one big stumbling block to that is going to be today’s starting pitchers. Philly is throwing reigning Cy Young winner and possible candidate for this year’s Cy Young Award, Roy Halladay.

While my Mets are sending their “ace” and possible headcase Mike Pelfrey to the bump.

Well, I guess you can’t win them all. Or maybe you can.

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