Pack Clashing, Opening Kick Style
September 11th, 2011 by slangon

First of all, what is “Opening Day” called in football? Is is “Opening Kick”? Somehow that doesn’t sound right. That feels like I’m calling baseball’s Opening Day “First Pitch”. Somehow “Opening Day” doesn’t sound right for football either. Any thoughts?

Anyhoo, in honor of the “First Foosball Game of the 2011 Season for Both the New York Foosball Giants and the New York Jets”, we’re having a Pack Clash Double Header.

Now, I hear what you’re saying. “But Sean, I thought you were through buying packs. I thought you said it was a waste of money when you consider that you can get so much cool vintage for the same amount and not end up with stacks of cards that you don’t want. I know you were at least thinking that even if you didn’t say it out loud. I know for a fact you at least said you didn’t really like 2009 Philadelphia. So what the hell are you doing buying not 1, but 4 packs of football cards? Dummy.” Well, aside from the fact that even though it’s true I’d rather buy crusty old vintage, busting packs every now and again is fun. Mostly though, it was because of this.

That’s right. The local Target had a big old box of cut rate packs and these bad boys were in it. So let’s get to ripping so we can get back to beer sipping.

2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia

Overall Thoughts: While it is true that the Topps Magic Packs probably have a slight edge going into this Pack Clash, I don’t really dislike Philadelphia. I think I just don’t like it as much as some other retro themed football cards I’ve seen. I will say thought that the wrapper is pretty awesome. I love the cruddy graphic of the red team guy plowing past the white team guy. 6 points for that. It missed the extra point however by using the word “Retro” on the wrapper.

Pack 1

#1 Kurt Warner

Not a bad way to start. A guy who led the Cardinals to their first Super Bowl ever. And he did it by knocking the Eagles out of the post season. Field goal. +3.

#93 Marcedes Lewis
#89 Dallas Clark

I just like this card because it looks like that dude is doing some kind of Maori Haka. Safety. +2.

#116 Jerod Mayo
#164 Isaac Bruce
#88 Anthony Gonzalez

You know, I’ll give you back that extra point seeing as you’re not ashamed to be taking notes while on the line. That shows initiative.

Pack 2
#119 Reggie Bush

Another strong opening drive by Philadelphia. That’s a pretty awesome photo. I like the black on black on black on black. Another field goal. +3.

#83 Mario Williams
#348 Pat Brown vs. Richard Nixon

One interesting thing for me about busting football packs is that even though I’m usually a little familiar with the product, I don’t get to know it as well in advance as I would with a baseball product. Because of that, I had no idea what the hell this card was doing in here. For some reason, even though politics bore me to death, I like getting political cards. Go figure. Plus, it’s Tricky Dick. My love for a good nick name doesn’t end on the diamond. Touchdown. +7.

#NC48 Bullet Train

That’s what I’m talking about! This was the reason I bought these Philadelphia packs to begin with. I love these National Chicle inserts. I love the diversity of subject matter. Politicians. Cars. Planes. Trains. They got it all. Before this, I only had 1 of these. Unfortunately, this happens to be the exact one that I already had. Intercepted in the end zone and ran back for a touchdown by the other team. -6 (they missed the extra point).

#128 Osi Umenyiora

I’m always down with pulling Giants cards, which seems to happen very rarely with me. Also, much like the Reggie Bush card, I love the blue on blue on blue. I’m going to overlook the fact that I’m a little miffed at Osi at the moment because I feel like he’s being a crybaby. Safety nonetheless. +2.

#38 Lance Briggs

18 points in total for Philadelphia. Man, if only that National Chicle insert was any other card. Oh well. Let’s see how Topps did, shall we?

2009 Topps Magic

Overall Thoughts: I almost can’t believe I put so much time and money into trying to collect this set. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool looking and all, it’s just that after a while they all start to look the same. Plus I’m really not into the whole college football thing. Combine that with the fact that I know very few NFL players outside of the Jets, Giants and  a few stars. Geez. In hindsight, what the hell was I thinking. I do like the wrapper on this one, although not quite as much as the Philadelphia one. The card design is a bit cooler than Philly though. I’ll call this a TD and the point after is good. +7.

Pack 1

#40 Chase Coffman
#215 Kellen Clemens

Ah, the life of a back-up quarterback. At least he won’t get hit by a car if he goes out jogging at night. Safety. +2.

#AA14 Eric Dickerson

I love these All-American inserts. Of course looking at this one really just makes me want to try and score a vintage one. Field goal. +3.

#81 Tashard Choice Mini
#20 Gartrell Johnson
#30 Rashad Jennings

I think I’ve mentioned in the past that one of the things I love about the 2009 Topps Magic set is that some of the poses on the cards make the players look like they’re dancing. I like whatever dance Rashad is doing. An extra point even though they didn’t score a touchdown. +1.

Pack 2
#144 Mark Sanchez

There we go. Even though I gave up on collecting this set a long long time ago, this was the one card I still had interest in trying to track down. Pulling it from a pack just makes it that much sweeter. Touchdown with a 2 point conversion. +8.

#124 Dwayne Jarrett
#231 Drew Brees

I kind of like the Saints. I kind of like Drew Brees. I absolutely love New Orleans. I really like that the Purdue football team is called the Boilermakers. Field Goal. +3.

#249 Dwight Freeney Mini

Alright. It was cute when Rashad Jennings was doing it, but we’re trying to play a football game here. Enough with the dancing. Take back that field goal. -3.

#14 Felix Jones
#163 Alex Smith

21 points in total for the Topps team. By the way, out of the 12 Topps Magic cards, I needed 7. I kind of needed 2 of them, meaning I already had either the regular size or a mini version of it but needed whatever one I got from these packs. Only 3 were duplicates. That’s kind of amazing. I feel like when I was actually trying to complete this set and buying blasters and packs left and right, part of the reason I gave it up was because I got to that saturation point where every pack was giving up 5 or 6 doubles. Don’t worry, though, I’m not going to go back to chasing it.

So Team Topps defeats Team Upper Deck 21-18 in the first game of the 2011 Season. Enjoy the games today everybody.

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  1. This was a lot of fun! I don’t collect football at all, so it was great to read along as you analyzed (with great humor) these packs!

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