Thanks to the Generosity of Others…
September 27th, 2009 by slangon

…I got me some new cards.

Two manilla envelopes, to be precise.

First up, a couple of weeks ago, The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame was having a little give-away. Of course I signed up, and very much to my surprise, won. I ended up picking Prize #3, 50 baseball cards. For brevity’s sake, I picked out my 10 favorites to post up here, in no particular order.

1988 Score #143 Mike Diaz
88SCOREdiaz I just picked this one because I saw that Mike was man-handling a Met at the plate, who turned out to be none other than one of my favorites, Tim Teufel (which means Tim Devil in German.)

1994 Fleer Sunoco #10 Cecil Fielder
94FLEERfielderInitially, I thought this was just a regular old ’94 Fleer, but on the back it listed it as #10 of 25. That’s when I saw the Sunoco logo. This card make me understand Prince Fielder a whole lot better.

1989 Fleer#639 Kirby Puckett / Eric Davis
89FLEERpower_centerI always love cards that feature more than on player, especially when both of them are awesome. I also love the clever little titles they come up with as a theme for the players. Power Center. Get it? Very clever, Fleer.

1996 Collector’s Choice #707 Barry Larkin N.L. MVP
96CClarkinMVPAnother species of card that I love for some reason is awards cards. MVP’s, Cy Youngs, ROY’s, Gold Gloves, All-Stars. You name it, I love it.

1990 Bowman #136 Keith Miller
90BOWMANmillerIt’s sort of refreshing to see these older Bowman cards, before all the Rookie Logos and Chrome and signatures and all that clap-trap. It’s also a Met that I did not have.

1990 Topps #385 Fred McGriff All-Star
90TOPPSmcgriffASSweet. An All-Star. Of Fred McGriff. I’m sure I’m not the first person to make this statement, but 1990 Topps has got to be one of the ugliest sets to every walk this earth. Still and all, cool card.

1994 Upper Deck #66 Damion Easley
94UDeasleyI guess you really need to be a die-hard Mets fan to like this card. I really liked Easley during his time with the Metropolitians. According to the back, in 1993, he was shut down mid-season by surgery to correct chronic shin splints. Don’t hear that every day.

1982 Fleer #540 Alex Trevino
82FLEERtrevinoAnother Met card that I needed. It was also cool that I didn’t own any ’82 Fleers before this one. Pretty nice looking card.

1988 Topps Big #1 Paul Molitor
88TOPPSBIGmolitorThis one threw me off a little, because even though it’s bigger than a standard size card, it’s not that much bigger. So unless you look at it next to a regular card, it looks normal sized. At first I thought it was a mid-nineties. I forget which set – around 1994 or 1995 – looks a lot like this design. Anyway, look kids – it’s Paul Molitor.

2003 Topps Chrome #93 Timo Perez
03TOPPSCHROMEperezAgain, a Met that I needed. Call me crazy, but back in the day I loved Timo. I was convinced that he was going to a huge star for the Mets. Of course, my Dad knew better, and told me so.

That’s 10 of the 50 cards that The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame sent me. The other’s were cool, too, but these were my favorites.

I’ll get to the second envelope I was sent later. Stay tuned.

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  1. Glad you liked them dude! Especially the Trevino…I had it randomly thrown in with a bunch of cards one day and had never seen n 82 Fleer either. Glad to share the love.

  2. Should you ever wish to part with that Larkin card I know a Larkin collector who is still missing that particular one…*cough cough*

  3. hahaha and to think I just sent you cards Nacho! Hahaha weird how that works out.

  4. Chris,
    That Larkin is on his was to more deserving home.


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