Fruits of the Greatest Month: The Managers and Teams
July 24th, 2011 by slangon

Today we’ll take a look at a couple of cards that I got to chip away at my manager and team cards collection.

1980 Topps #302 Dodgers / Tommy Lasorda

I had never really realized this before, but I’m pretty sure that this is my first Tommy Lasorda card. I find that pretty amazing just because as a collector I go out of my way to get manager cards and Tommy was around for such a long time. I mean, the man managed the Dodgers for 20 years, you would think that at some point I would’ve picked up a card or 2 of his.

1971 Topps #289 White Sox TC

I think it’s pretty awesome that the White Sox included the bat boys in their team photo. Can you imagine how psyched those kids must’ve been when all their friends were busting packs of ’71 Topps and they pulled this card? They must’ve felt like celebrities. I also like that Walt “No Neck” Williams is so obvious.

1969 Topps #462 Red Schoendienst

Red Schoendienst was obviously a really good ballplayer and a really good manager. He made it into the Hall as a player and he has a career 1041-955 win-loss record as a manager, including 2 N.L. Pennants and a World Series win. I also think it’s pretty brilliant that his name is Red and he was the manager of the Cardinals.

1965 Topps #66 Bill Rigney

Here we have a ’65 card of Angels manager Bill Rigney, a.k.a. Specs, a.k.a. The Cricket. Usually when I write up these little tidbits about whatever player or manager, I read through their Wikipedia page or their Baseball Reference bullpen page and kind of pick out whatever strikes me as weird or funny. On Bill’s BR page, it states “He was the same age as outfielder Sid Gordon.” Random.

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