Another Trade
September 22nd, 2009 by slangon

I make a few trades every now and again on a website called Sports Card Fun, which is basically a forum where people post cards that they’re looking to trade or get, and you work out whatever deals. I never really work out anything ground breaking, mostly just set building. Because of this, a lot of times I don’t even bother posting the trades on my blog since they’re not the most interesting of trades.

This one I will post, however, just because it’s a little more interesting.

It came from Mike in Vermont. I gave him an ’09 Ginter Evan Longoria Mini A&G back and a Richard Gatling SP. In return he gave me these:

2008 Allen & Ginter #60 Prince Fielder Is it just my imagination, or is Prince Fielder not as trim as this card would have you believe?

2008 Allen & Ginter #97 Jeff Francis

2008 Allen & Ginter #123 Josh Willingham

2008 Allen & Ginter #224 Johnny Cueto RC

2008 Allen & Ginter #250 Ichiro I’m not the world’s biggest Ichiro fan, but I must admit, he consistently has some pretty cool looking cards. I don’t really know what exactly about this card makes it look cool, but I like it.

2009 Allen & Ginter #138 Garrett Atkins

2009 Allen & Ginter #177 David Freese RC

2009 Allen & Ginter #264 Carlos Pena

2009 Allen & Ginter Mini National Heroes #NH20 Tadeusz Kosciuszko

In hindsight, this trade is really just another set building trade. I guess I was just more excited about it because I was finally able to cross a few more 08 Ginters off my list. I still have a handful of those to get, and it seems like since the 2009 version came out no one is really interested in trading for the 2008 set.

Also I was psyched about the Kosciuszko card. It’s funny, when I was reading the previews of the 2009 Ginter set, I was way more excited about the other insert sets, like the Hoaxes and the Mythical Creatures. Plus I was expecting the Nation Heroes to be more along the lines of the World Leaders from last years set, which I wasn’t too crazy about.

Once I started getting some of the cards however, I ended up liking these National Heroes more. I’m not sure why. I think I just like the design a whole lot more. I think the images used on the Mythical Creature set are a bit silly, which I think turns me off a bit. And as far as the Hoax cards go, I think it’s hard to truly appreciate a good hoax based on whatever explanation fits on the back of a 1 15/32″ by 2 11/16″ card. Either way, I’ve grown to like these National Hero card quite a bit.

Anyway, that the trade. Thanks to Mike for making it possible.

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