Fruits of the Greatest Month Countdown #3
July 22nd, 2011 by slangon

Today we gaze upon the glory that is the #3 card in my Top 5 cards that I scored during the Greatest Month I Ever Spent Collecting cards. Behold.

1973 Topps #305 Willie Mays

Yessir. The Say Hey Kid. As a old man. As a Met. Obviously, Willie will forever be etched into the minds of baseball fans everywhere wearing the orange and black of the Giants, but as a Met fan, I always found it kind of cool that he ended up his amazing career as a member of the Metropolitans. I also think it’s pretty cool that he was able to play in one last World Series with them, despite the fact that they fell to the Mustache Gang in 7 games.

Although I probably wouldn’t have gone so far out of my way to get this card if Mays wasn’t a member of the Mets, I certainly would’ve still tried to get it just because somewhere down the road I would like to finish the ’73 set. Him being a Met just made the search that much more pressing. I’m down to just 2 cards to finish up the Mets from this set.

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