Nachos Grande’s Cards For Clunkers Program
September 15th, 2009 by slangon

So a week or two ago, Nachos Grande announced their Card For Clunkers 2.0 Program. It’s such a good idea, I might need to steal it. Of course that would involve me getting off my ass and figuring out what cards I would include, so don’t hold your breath.

Anyway, here’s the basic gist of the thing: Nacho posted a bunch of cards that are cool cards, just not quite up his alley. Then people would trade him cards he wanted for whichever of the “clunkers” they wanted. Simple enough.


Let’s see what I scored.

First, I just want to point out that the initial trade that we discussed involved 3 cards for 3 cards, and the package that he sent me was quite a bit thicker than 3 cards. Unless each of those 3 cards was printed on 1/4″ thick piece of cardboard.

Here’s the 3 cards that I was supposed to get:

2008 Topps Chrome Dick Perez Wal*Mart Exclusive Chrome Sketches #WMDPC18 Jose Reyes
Sweet looking Dick Perez sketch of Jose locked in at the plate. God, I miss watching him play. I know this season is officially over for the Mets, but I really hope Jose gets back for a few games, just so I don’t have to wait until next year to watch him play.

2008 Topps Chrome Trading Card History #TCHC10 Jose Reyes
One bad thing about chrome cards is that they never scan well. I guess I shouldn’t say never, because that Dick Perez Sketch actually scanned pretty well. This card though looks much better in person than the scan would have you believe. Jose, the 1954 Version.
2008 Topps Chrome Trading Card History #TCHC11 Johan Santana
Although, I really like the Reyes Trading Card History, this one is so much cooler. The 1933 DeLong cards are just so cool looking. This is probably about as close as I’ll ever come to owning one. And what could be cooler than a Godzilla sized Johan Santana.

So thats what I was supposed to get. Here’s what else I was sent.

nachosGrandeMets1A bunch of late 80’s Mets. Including 2 of Mr. Hernandez. Nice.

nachosGrandeMets2A bunch of retro Mets, and a 2001 Edgardo Alfonzo Stadium Club. Sweet.

Even without the unexpected goodies, this was a really cool trade. The extras just made it that much better. Thanks again, Nachos.

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  1. Glad you liked ’em! Thanks for particpating in my Cards for Clunkers!

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