Attack of the 20¢ Bin Monsters
June 7th, 2011 by slangon

Here’s another bucks worth of moldy cardboard, this time all from the 1971 Topps set.

#320 Dave McNally

Everybody talks about what an incredible starting rotation the Phillies have this year, and deservingly so. The thing is though, can you really count a rotation as incredible until you see what the numbers are at the end of the season? How’s this for an amazing rotation? The year this card came out, Baltimore went with a 4 man rotation for most of the year and all 4 starters were 20 game winners and the highest ERA of the bunch was Mike Cuellar’s 3.08. Balls in your court, Philadelphia. Let’s see what you got.

#283 Dick Such

I’ll admit it. The only reason that I bought this card was because deep down I was hoping that Richard was really his middle name and his first name was Allen or Andrew or Arthur.

#233 Larry Bowa

Do you ever get slightly obsessed with a certain player and not know why? I kind of have that going with Larry Bowa. Actually, I guess I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with Bowa in any real sense of the word, but for some reason, whenever I see cards of his I always feel compelled to snatch them up. It’s weird. I mean, he was a member of the Mets for a hot second at the end of his career, but I have zero recollection of him in Queens. Hell, I have zero recollection of ever watching him play period. What kind of hoodoo have you cast upon me, Larry Bowa, that make me buy your baseball cards?

#346 Lum Harris

Lum Harris was the first Atlanta Braves (as opposed to the Boston Braves or Milwaukee Braves) manager to lead the team to the postseason in 1969. We all know, though, how that postseason went for the Bravos.

#637 Dave Bristol

<p>Lastly, since the Mets are heading out to Milwaukee tonight, here’s the first ever Topps Milwaukee Brewers manager card. I kind of like the Brewers, I think. Number one, they used to be the Pilots, which for some reason I think is a cool team name. Two, now they’re named after the people responsible for me being able to drink beer. Three, I think <a href=their old logo is one of the coolest logos ever designed. It’s an “M” and  a “B” but it’s also a baseball glove with a ball in it. Brilliant. And four, I kind of like that they jumped ship from the A.L. to the N.L. I don’t know why I like that but I do. All that being said, I hope the Mets go out and clobber them over the next three days.

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