Organizing My Cards: Part I
July 31st, 2009 by slangon

Recently, I’ve been in the process of trying to add some sort of physical organization to my collection. I don’t have the worlds biggest collection by any means, but I still own a few thousand cards, spanning over 75 years. That’s a lot of cards to organize, especially when you only have a few minutes each day to dedicate to it.

As I said in my About Me page, what prompted me to start collecting again was this obsessive desire to obtain every Mets card ever produced. What sort of knocked that off the track was that once I did start collecting again, I sort of went on buying sprees that in hindsight, were not very smart.

I ended up winning several auctions on eBay for lots of Mets cards, consisting of 500 cards, 1000 cards, 100 cards, etc. Turns out, in several of those lots, although there may have been 500 cards, there might have been only 100 different cards. I also ended up snatching up any and every cheap pack I saw, including “Mystery Packs” (those re-packaged sets of cards you see in Walgreens or card shops every now and again that consist of commons from crappy sets). Needless to say, I’ve ended up with many, many cards that I don’t need and don’t particularly want.

Somehow, though, I can’t bring myself to just throw them away.

Anyway, after realizing how many boxes of cards that I have that are 1) worthless to me, 2) worthless to everyone else on the planet, and 3) not fun or cool looking in any way, I decided that I needed to re-evaluate my life as a card collector.

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