Breaking News from The Better Late Than Never Department…
February 21st, 2011 by slangon

A long, long time ago, the fellers over at Community Gum (who by the way have one of my favorite blog headers ever) had held a Pack Lottery Contest that I had joined in on. Now, I must admit that I was a little confused as to how exactly the contest worked. Or I guess I should say that I thought I knew how it worked, but it turned out that I was mistaken. I do know that it involved Jose Reyes and guessing, and apparently I guessed something right. I’m still not sure what that something was. Point is, I ended up winning some kind of 11th place booby prize. Actually, it wasn’t a booby prize at all. It was some free cards. I think the prizes were supposed to be cards from the box of 2008 Topps Moments and Milestones that was the focus of the guessing game but so many people joined the the contest that there was a shortage of those cards. Now, I would’ve been psyched to get a few of those cards, but I got to say, I’m a little more psyched about what they actually sent me.

That something being a pile of 2010 Topps Heritage Mets cards.

I think I bought 2 packs of Heritage in 2010. I wasn’t really interested in collecting it A) because I still had a big Heritage hangover from trying (and failing) to complete the 2009 edition, and B) I’m not a huge fan of 1961 Topps. That being said, I do like it enough that I wanted to polish off the Mets team set. This unexpected prize package helped to put a nice dent in that goal.

So thanks to the boys over at C.G. for the contest and the cards.

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