Congratulations to the Great Ham-Bino
November 24th, 2010 by slangon

Josh Hamilton has won the 2010 A.L. MVP Award. I’m actually pretty happy about that. I think from rooting for the Rangers this past post season, a little part of me has become a Rangers fan. Also, I’ve grown to like Josh Hamilton over the past few years. Congrats to you on a season well played, Josh.

Also, just to be fair, the same way that I gave the break down of how many MVPs and World Series titles each National League team has won in its history, here’s the break down of the Junior Circuit.

Team Number of MVP’s World Series Titles
New York Yankees 22 27
Philadelphia / Kansas City / Oakland A’s 13 9
Boston Red Sox / Americans 11 6
Detroit Tigers 9 4
Washington Senators / Minnesota Twins 8 3
St. Louis Browns / Baltimore Orioles 6 3
Washington Senators / Texas Rangers 5 0
Chicago White Sox 4 3
Cleveland Indians 3 2
Milwaukee Brewers 3 0
Los Angeles / California / Anaheim Angels 2 1
Seattle Mariners 2 0
Kansas City Royals 1 1
Toronto Blue Jays 1 2
Tampa Bay Rays 0 0

Like the N.L. awards, you can see that the older teams have the most MVP awards under their belt. Texas did kind of screw up the curve though thanks to A-Rod, I-Rod and Gonzo mostly. They also sort of screwed up the number of MVPs mirroring the number of Series titles as well. Outside of that, things add up pretty well.

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