Are You Ready for a Pack Clash?
November 7th, 2010 by slangon

I’ve got a pretty nice afternoon laid out in front of me. The Jets start in about a half an hour. The Giants start at 4. In between I’ve got a fridge full of beer and a pot of chili going on the stove top. What better way to waste a Sunday afternoon? Let’s see if I can squeeze this pack clash in before the Jets kick off.

Today’s clash will pit 2008 Pres Pass Football against 2006 Fleer. These are 2 more packs that I got in a repack batch that I got at Target a while back.

2008 Press Pass Football

Overall: A pack of cards with only 4 cards in it is never a good thing. If those 4 cards are not made out of solid gold or at the very least some sort of smoked pork product, it’s especially bad. -1 point. -1 for being a set based around college football. I dislike college football. -1 for incorporating faux marble into your design. Very tacky.

#52 Matt Ryan Trophy Club

+2 point just for having Johnny Unitas’ name on a card, despite the card not really having doodly squat to do with Johnny Unitas. I think that Johnny Unitas is one of the most awesome sounding names in the history of names. +3 more points since I wrote Johnny Unitas 3 times in the course of this paragraph. Opps, there goes another one. +1 more point.

#69 Jamaal Charles Collegiate Leaders Blue Reflector

-1 for further needing to point out that this is a collegiate set. -2 for trying to mask the lameness of this card by making it a “blue reflector”. -2 for not even being a refractor, but a reflector. Sad. As if changing the color of the foil is going to help matters.

#PP-13 Chad Henne Primetime Players

+1 point for having a number that starts with “PP”. Get it? “PP”. “Pee Pee”. Sorry. I’m grasping at straws here. +1 point for looking at least slightly more interesting than the other 3 cards in this pack.

#71 Jordy Nelson Collegiate Leaders

Geez. I’m trying to find anything about this card to award points. I got nothing. -3 for being purple, of someone I never heard of and just overall terrible.

Pack Total: -3

Man. I think that might be a new record for the worst performance. I knew starting out that it was going to be bad for Press Pass, but I didn’t foresee negative points. Oh well. I’m tempted to just award this clash to ’06 Fleer and be done with it, but I already scanned the cards and all.

2006 Fleer Football

Overall: -1 for being yet another football pack with Peyton Manning on the wrapper. Real original, Fleer. +1 for having 10 cards in the pack. You don’t see that too often these days. +2 for the design. It’s not quite retro, but it does have something classic looking about it. Overall just a nice looking card.

#196 Vernon Davis Fleer Futures

It seems as though Vernon Wells is a pretty good player, but by no means a superstar. That’s too bad since it seems like I end up pulling a rookie card of his in every one of these repack things I open. -1 for not being good enough, Vernon Davis.

#153 Joseph Addai Fleer Futures

+1 for being the first NFL running back to exceed 1,000 rushing yards without starting a regular-season game. That sounds impressive.

#68 Curtis Martin

+1 for being a Jet. +1 for being a really good Jet.

#29 Tatum Bell

-1 for setting records in the United Football League since you couldn’t cut it in the NFL.

#81 Drew Brees

+1 for being a New Orleans Saint (not that I so much love the Saints. I just really love New Orleans). +1 for being Super Bowl MVP.

#45 Byron Leftwich

+2 for having a fun sounding name. Leftwich. Leftwich. -1 for having your name stuck in my head now.

#FS-RJ Rudi Johnson Fantasy Standouts

I don’t know why by combining the slightly nerdy pursuit of card collecting with the slightly nerdy pursuit of fantasy sport is just too much nerd for me today. -2 points for that.

#3 J.J. Arrington

The very first game that Arrington started happened to be against the Giants. He ran for 5 yards on 8 carries for an average gain of 0.625 yds. For some reason that makes me chuckle. +1 point for making me chuckle. I’ll give another +1 for that pissed off looking Cardinal.

#17 Brian Urlacher

I kind of like Brian Urlacher. +1/2 point for that.

#73 Donovan McNabb

It’s funny. As a Mets fan, I absolutely abhor the Phillies. From what I understand, as a Giants fan, I should hate the Eagles, but I don’t. I don’t really care about them. I do like the city of Philadelphia though. I always have a blast when I go there. I don’t know exactly where I’m going with all of that but I’m going to give this card -3 points just because at this point it’s painfully obvious that the 2006 Fleer pack is going to destroy the 2008 Press Pass pack and I just hate to see them blow it out so badly. So I’m deducting sympathy points for Press Pass. No offense Fleer. Or Donovan McNabb. You’re a very good quarterback.

Pack Total: 3 1/2 points.

There. Now it looks like it was a close game. Actually, I ended up really liking that 2006 Fleer set. I don;t think I would, but if I ever decided to collect a modern football set, I might go for ’06 Fleer. Even the cards that are of guys I don’t give a crap about, I liked looking at the cards just because the design looks good. I also think it’s not a huge checklist, which is always a plus with more for chasing a set. I don;t think I would ever really collect a modern football set, though, so I guess none of that matters.

Enjoy your Sunday, and let’s go Giants.

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