A Monday Night Pack Clash
October 25th, 2010 by slangon

Tonight’s pack clash, which will precede the main event of the New York Football Giants facing off against the Dallas Cowboys, will pit a pack of 2006 Upper Deck Football against a pack of 2008 Leaf Rookies & Stars. Both of these packs were acquired via an “Extreme Value Package” of repacked packs at Target.

It’s a little funny that I got these packs at Target, since as you can see on the ’06 Upper Deck pack, I might end up pulling an exclusive Walmart Rookie Insert Card. Anyway, this is actually a pretty good match up. Both packs are a few years old. Both have 5 cards. Both are non-Topps. Let’s get it on.

2006 Upper Deck Football

Overall: +2 points for having Peyton Manning on the cover. +1 point for offering me the chance to get an exclusive Walmart card from a pack that I bought at Target.

#10s-SM Shawne Merriman 10 Sack Club

+2 points for having the cojones to put an insert as the 1st card in the pack. I like out of the ordinary stuff. Of course that could’ve just been a mechanical sorter snafu. +2, none-the-less.

#57 Jake Plummer

+1/2 point for having a mustache on the front of the card, but not on the back. I don’t know why but that sort of amuses me.

#1GD-CJ Chad “I Thought it Was Ochocinco” Jackson

-5 points for making me initially think that this was Chad “Not Quite Yet Ochocinco” Johnson.

#127 Tiki Barber

+3 for being a Giant. +1 for being a slightly older card of a Giant, but still being someone I’ve heard of. +3 for having a really cool action shot.

#189 Billy Volek

+0 points for being a card of a player that I could care less about from a team that I could care less about. Actually, strike that. -1 1/2 points for actually making me waste the time to type out the fact that I’m not awarding that card any points because I find it boring. Hell, even Billy looks bored on that card. That’s another -2 for looking bored on a football card.

Pack Total: 3 points

Man. This pack of Upper Deck really got kind of screwed just because I looked at that Chad Jackson card too quickly and thought it was Chad Johnson. Oh well, I guess that’s what you get for finding your way into the hands of someone who knows nothing about foosball. This should be a cake walk for Leaf.

2008 Leaf Rookies & Stars

Overall: Initially, I was going to add +1 for this pack having Adrian Peterson on the wrapper, you know for him being really good and all. Then I looked him up and found out that his nickname is “Purple Jesus”. Now this pack is getting +5.

#57 Tom Brady

+2 points for being Tom Brady. He’s really good. -3 points for being Tom Brady. I find him really annoying.

#100 Ladell Betts

Every time I look at this card, I keep thinking it says his name is “Lardell” instead of “Ladell”. That makes me think that his name should be “Lardass”. +3 for making me make myself laugh inside my head.

#32 Roy Williams

+3 points for being a Lions card from the same season that the Lions didn’t win 1 game. I love records like that.

#61 Reggie Bush

+2 points for being a member of the New Orleans Saints. Not so much that I like the Saints, I just love New Orleans. Good times.

#54 Tarvaris Jackson

+2 sympathy points for being relegated to back-up QB thanks to Brett Favre’s indecisiveness.

Pack Total: 14 points

Man, that was almost unfair. Oh well. I was really pulling for Purple Jesus anyway.

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  1. Pssssst…that’s not Chad Johnson. That’s Chad Jackson…Patriot flameout from a few years ago. Different guy.

  2. uhh…. yeah, what he said….

  3. Ummm… oops.

  4. I like that Pack Clash Header you created.

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