It Just Keeps Getting Better.
October 20th, 2010 by slangon

Apparently I have much more success rooting for teams that I don’t really root for than I do rooting for my own team. Yesterday was another great day for those of us hoping to not see a replay of last years World Series.

The Rangers continued to absolutely dominate the Yankees. 4 more homers in yesterdays game, probably the biggest of which was hit by this guy.

Living in “Yankees Country”, all the local media outlets and fans seem to think that the Yankees are going to pull this one out. After all, history is on their side. Apparently the Rangers don’t seem to have too much respect for history, because they’ve just been overpowering the Bombers at every step. I’m not sure if the entire Yankees team has gone into a collective funk, or if it’s just that the Rangers are that much better.┬áMaybe it’s a little bit of both.

I do feel like being down in the series has caused Joe Girardi to make some questionable decisions in an attempt to get something going, most of which seem to be backfiring on him.

Tonight the Yanks are putting their post-season hopes on the broad shoulders of CC Sabathia (no doubt hoping he’ll pitch more like the guy on the left side of this card than he did in Game 1).

CC will be facing off once again against C.J. Wilson, who pitched pretty well against New York in that first game of the ALCS. Should be a pretty interesting game, what with the Yankees holding on for dear life, a position I’m not used to seeing them in. I just wish this were a night game so I could actually watch it.

One last point about the game last night, I never like seeing a guy get hurt, especially when it jeopardizes his ability to play the game. I have nothing against Mark Teixeira and I hope he has a speedy recovery and returns next spring 100%. That being said, once the Yankees lose this series, I am dreading all the fans calling in to sports-talk radio, claiming that the Yankees got screwed because Tex got hurt.

Moving over to the West Coast, Matt Cain got his first career win against the Phillies, and in my opinion, it couldn’t have come at a better time. The Giants now hold a surprising 2-1 lead over the reigning N.L. Champs.

I wasn’t able to watch the game, but from what I hear, aside from Matt Cain and his impressive pitching performance, the big hero was Cody Ross. I hated that guy when he was with Florida. Not for anything personal, mind you. He seems like a good enough guy. I just hated him because he always seemed to kill the Mets. Now that he’s doing it to Philly, I very much like the chap. I was kind of surprised though to realize that I only own 1 Cody Ross card, which is not scanned at the moment. Otherwise, you’d be staring at his bald little mug right now.

Anyway, tonight the Giants and Phillies will face off once more in San Francisco. Philadelphia will be sending Joe Blanton to the bump.

And San Francisco will counter with rookie Madison Bumgarner.

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