Heading Back to the House That the House That Ruth Built Built
October 18th, 2010 by slangon

It was a pretty exciting sports weekend at the SlangKo Corporate Headquarters. The Rangers beat the Yankees on Saturday after they should have beat them on Friday as well. The Giants beat the Phillies ace in Philadelphia, leaving Citizens Bank Park with the Series at 1-1 after facing the 2 Roys. The other Giants hung on to beat Detroit and the Jets squeaked one out against the Broncos.

So now that the Football Giants have a week off, the Jets have 2 weeks off and the Phillies and Giants have a travel day, my attention is turning once again to the Yankees and Rangers series which picks up tonight in the Bronx.

From listening to the local sports talk radio and talking to Yankees fans that I know, it seems that nobody is sweating too much as far as this series is concerned. The attitude seems to be that we split the series on the road and now we’re gearing up for 3 games at home. That’s not a bad situation to be in, but when you consider that the Yankees just barely scraped up that win on Friday, and then were pretty much stifled on Saturday, it begins to look a bit different. Both games Texas pretty much had their way with the Yankees starters, and those were their 2 most successful starters.

I personally think the Yankees are looking at a bit of a rough hill to climb at home.

Tonight we’ll see Cliff Lee facing off against Andy Pettitte. Now I know that Pettitte has majorly impressive post-season numbers, but he does not seem to me to be 100% since coming back from that groin injury. Unless Andy’s post-season numbers really do have to do with him having some kind of playoff magic mojo hand and not just hime being a good pitcher who’s been in the playoffs a million times, I’d have to give the Rangers the edge on this one. I also realize that even with a dominating pitching performance, you’re not going to win games if you don’t score runs, but considering how the Rangers handled Sabathia and Hughes, I’m not too worried about that.

Game 4 I think will be equally hard for the Yankees. This I 100% pin on Girardi and his decision to keep Burnett in the rotation. Now, since I’m not a Yankees fan, I don’t watch every inning of every Yankees game the way I do with the Mets, but just being exposed to the Yankees heavy New York Media like I am, I know that A.J. is a bit of a goat among Yankees fans. I also get that impression by looking at his 10-15 win-loss record and 5.26 ERA during the regular season. I don’t know too much about Tommy Hunter, who will probably be starting for Texas, but I think just having A.J. in there is enough for me to give the Rangers the edge on this one as well.

Finally, closing out the Bronx leg of the ALCS, we’ll probably see a rematch of Sabathia and C.J. Wilson. I’m slightly torn on this game. On one hand, considering how well Wilson handled the Bombers bats, and how well the Rangers handled CC, I might say that the Rangers would have the edge. On the other hand, it seemed like Wilson was faltering a bit towards the end of his outing. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sabathia come back strong after a poor showing. He is after all, a professional and a fierce competitor. I’m going to call this one almost a draw, but leaning slightly towards the Yanks. By my calculations, the Yankee’s will be luck to head back to Texas down 3 games to 2.

Of course, I’m kind of notoriously bad at making predictions. I did, after all, “win” Maddings College Bowl Pick ‘Em contest by having the worst percentage of correct guesses. And I throw my support towards the Mets, year in and year out.

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