Moving Right Along
October 13th, 2010 by slangon

On we march into the second round of the playoffs. I can’t say I saw too many surprises in the outcome. Although, I will admit that I thought that the Braves would’ve made a better showing against the Giants. I really thought that they had the better team. I guess the San Francisco pitching and too many errors were too much for one team to overcome. This might sound weird coming from a Mets fan, but I was really rooting for them, mostly because I like Bobby Cox and thought that would be awesome for him to head into his retirement with one more World Series Championship. I guess it was not to be.

Now were looking at a Giants – Phillies NLCS.

All of the sudden I think I’m a Giants fan. Unfortunately for me and the real San Francisco fans, I don’t see anything good coming from this series. As far as I’m aware, the Giants are strong in pitching, but not so much in hitting. I’m also quite sure that the Phillies are stacked in both departments. Well, as they say, anything can happen in baseball. That’s why they play the games.

On the American League side of the coin, thanks to Cliff Lee holding off the Rays in Florida last night, we’re looking at a Rangers – Yankees ALCS.

When I had written up my original post covering my post season thoughts, I was sort of flip-flopping between the Rangers and the Rays as far as which team I was going to root for in the playoffs. That was just compounded by the fact that they happened to be playing each other in the first round. Honestly though, after watching the first game I really found myself pulling for the Rangers. They just had too many guys on that team that I really like. I was watching some of the clincher last night and I have to admit, they play a really exciting brand of baseball. I mean, Elvis Andrus scored from second on a ground out to first. I think David Price and Carlos Pena just assumed he would take third, which he did, but then he just kept on going. I also really hope that they beat the Yankees just so that we don’t end up with yet another Phillies – Yankees World Series. I got absolutely zero enjoyment out of that last year. If I could watch the Rangers beat up on the Phillies in this years Fall Classic, I would be glued to that televeision the entire time. Let’s Go Rangers!

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