A Sunday Afternoon Pack Clash
September 19th, 2010 by slangon

I don’t know why I don’t do more of these Pack Clashes. The whole idea of them is to buy 2 packs of cards and then have them face off by awarding arbitrary amounts of points to certain cards based on whatever happens to pop in my head upon looking at them. They’re fun and the allow me the excitement of busting packs without ending up with hundreds of cards that I don’t particularly want.

Today’s match-up (courtesy of being at Target to get contact lens solution) pits a pack of 2010 Topps Platinum against a pack of 2010 Panini Classics. Let’s get it on.

2010 Topps Platinum

Overall: -2 points for having a boring ass looking wrapper. -2 points for only having 4 cards. +15 points for actually looking really awesome., much better than these scans show. The shiney background with the semi-shiney background scenes (that you can barely see here, but they’re there) and the not shiney player make for some good looking cardboard.

#90 Maurice Jones-Drew

+2 points for having 2 last names. +5.7 points for being 5′ 7″.

#148 Cedric Benson

+5 points because the back of his card says “Benson’s time with the Bears did not go as expected…” I love when copy writers come up with creative ways of saying “He sucked.”

#162 Frank Gore

+3 points for wearing a uniform that reminds me of McDonalds. -5 points for reminding me of McDonalds and now I’m hungry.

#157 Jahvid Best RC

+10 points for having a Rookie Card logo that actually looks like it belongs on the card design. +3 points for having a first name that I never heard before.

Pack Total: 32.7

This pack scored surprisingly high considering I normally don’t go nuts over chrome-ish cards and I normally despise packs that only have 4 cards. Let’s see how the other contender does.

2010 Panini Classics

Overall: +10 for having an old timey looking wrapper. -1 for having a member of the team that the Giants are playing tonight. -3 for that player being Peyton Manning, thus reminding me of the whole Manning Bowl hoopla which is stupid.

#6 Roddy White

+2 for being a member of an Atlanta sports franchise that is not the Braves. +2 for being named Roddy.

#64 Brandon Jacobs

+10 for being a Giant. +5 for being a Giant that nobody seems to like too much and that makes me root for him even more.

#22 Jake Delhomme

-3 for being a team called The Browns but wearing an orange helmet.

#85 Vernon Davis

-3 points for being 26 but looking like you’re 56.

#43 Pierre Garcon

-3 for being on the team that’s going against the Giants tonight. +1 for having a name that’s fun to say. +2 for wearing a helmet with a very cool logo. -5 for making me feel guilty that I like the logo of the team that’s playing the Giants tonight.

Pack Total: 14 points

Well, that was an upset. I really was expecting the Classics pack to win. It had a Giant, it had 1 more card. It was vaguely retro-ish. Goes to show, anything can happen in sports. Or sportcards.

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