The Quest for the 1960 Topps Set, Part XV
September 24th, 2010 by slangon

This is the last of that one batch of 1960 cards that I got off of SportLots a while back. These also happen to be my favorites of the bunch. Always save the best for last, I sez.

#390 Scrambling After the Ball, World Series Game #6

I really like World Series highlight cards in general. These ones from the 1960 set I especially dig just because they look insanely awesome. One of my favorite elements of these cards is the American League and National League eagles fighting it out in the top left corner. One change that I would make that I think would make the card even better in a subtle way is to have the eagle of whichever league won that particular game sit up top rather than always have the black American League logo rising up. Actually, I don’t quite get why they did that since the Dodgers won the Series that year and last I checked they were in the Senior Circuit. Although kudos to Topps for making card #390 in the 2009 Heritage set another “Scrambling After Ball” card.

Anyone who has read this blog in the past probably knows of my affinity for team cards. I was able to get 2 more that I was kind of especially glad to cross of my wantlist.

#381 Milwaukee Braves Team Card

#18 Los Angeles Dodgers Team Card

I’ve already gotten quite a few of the team cards from this set but I think that most of the ones I’ve already scored are probably some of the easier ones. Just as certain cards of star players are harder and more expensive to track down, certain team cards are harder and more expensive to track down. I guess it has to do with the popularity of the team, how many stars they had that year and how successful. Luckily for me, these two may have been harder to find, but they weren’t really more expensive.

#220 Billy Jurges

People familiar with this blog also know that I really like manager cards as well. This one of Red Sox manager Billy Jerges has got to be my hands down favorite that I’ve gotten so far. I love the weird Red Sox sock man logo. I love the colorized photo of Billy. I love the batting cage. I love the Captain Morgan pose. I love that he’s randomly wearing a glove. I just love everything about it.

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