Recent eBay Scores, Part 4
August 14th, 2010 by slangon

Don’t worry, we’re almost done with the recent eBay scores, for now. Also, don’t forget that there’s only another day or two to sign up for the Offical Condition: Poor First Anniversary Giveaway Contest.

So here’s the deal with this particular eBay purchase. It’s actually one of the stranger eBay experiences that I’ve had so far.

Most people who read this blog know that I’m in the midst of trying to chase the 1960 Topps set. Also, you don’t really need to read this blog regularly to figure out that trying to track down cards from that set of the big star players from the era is not terribly easy when you’re not willing to drop insane money on them. I’ve been doing okay as far as scoring some of the big boys at an okay price so far.

A few weeks ago, I saw a pretty beat up Willie Mays card that only had a day and change to go, nobody had bid on and had a starting bid of $7.99. Needless to say, I immediately slapped a bid on that sucker. I forget what my high bid was. Maybe $15 or so. Regardless, with a day to go, I didn’t have too high of hopes of winning this auction. Wouldn’t you know, it turns out that I did.

Or did I?

After the auction ended, I sent my payment off via Paypal and a day or two later I got an eBay message from the seller saying thanks for the quick payment and I’ll send out your card in another day or two and blah blah blah. So far so good, I thought. Everything is running exactly like any other auction I’ve won.

A day or two after that, I got another eBay message from the seller. It went a little something like this:

I am extremely sorry, I misplaced the card and i have looked everywhere. Can I offer you a card worth much more instead? Either a 1958 Willie Mays card # 5 Topps in excellent condition with no creases, creat color and very good corners or a 1955 Mays #194 Topps in about the same condition as the 1960 listed . Either card is worth far more than the 1960. Again, Im very sorry, Hopefully you will like a this deal.
Thanks much

Honestly, at first I was a little pissed, since I had no idea when the next time I would be able to grab a 1960 Willie Mays for $10 with shipping. But then I figured, hell, when’s the next time I would be able to grab a 1955 or a 1958 Willie Mays for $10? In the message, the seller mentions that the ’55 was in about the same condition as the 1960 that I was supposed to get. This is the photo from that auction:

As you can see, there’s rounded corners, some kind of smudges and 2 pretty severe creases. Not a pretty card, but hey, if you scroll to the top of this page and look at the header, you’ll see that condition isn’t always a factor around here. Anyway, I was sorely tempted to go for the ’55 even though it was in pretty poor condition just because that’s such a beautiful card.

In the end though, I opted for this guy.

I think this card might be the nicest in my collection. There is just a hint of fuzzing on the corners, but nothing big deal. I guess it’s a touch off center, too. They take that into consideration, don’t they? The color is really nice though. I’m obviously not a grader, but I think it’s in pretty sweet condition.

You can actually see the condition of the corners a little bit better on the back scan here.

Overall, I was pretty psyched by the misfortune of this seller. Although I really wanted to get that 1960 Mays out of the way, I think I made out pretty well.

4 Responses to “Recent eBay Scores, Part 4”

  1. The Mays card you got in the end is pretty great.

  2. That’s nuts. Good the seller made right by you, though. That doesn’t happen nearly enough.

  3. Wow…happy ending to that story! Bummer on the lost Mays, but the one you got looks fantastic…sounds like the seller is a pretty good guy, though with some storage issues haha.

  4. Great deal…but I would have opted for the ’55. I am down to needing 10 cards for that set and Mays is one of them. His ’55 is a high # so even trashed cards don’t usually get found for less than $50.

    But I love ’58s as well…and that looks great, and at a price that’s really hard to refuse.

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