Gint-A-Cuffs: Rounds 21-22
July 23rd, 2010 by slangon

The box is almost done. I’m actually pretty damn impressed with myself that I haven’t broken down and just busted the whole think in one sitting. I need to remember this for future reference because it really made the enjoyment of busting this box last a good long time. Usually though I never have that kind of will power. I guess it helps that I’ve been really busy as of late.

Anyway, on to the cards.

Pack 21

#10 Gary “Not Rod” Stewart

#161 Luis Durango RC

#108 Paul Konerko

#215 Daniel Murphy (+1 for being a member of my favorite team. Good thing there was no rule about being on the active roster.)

#132 David Price

#240 Aaron Hill

#LO18 Eros Lords of Olympus (+3 for being a Lord of Olympus)

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#TDH23 Dan Haren This Day in History (+1 for being a This Day in History)

Pack 22

#87 Alexei Ramirez

#176 Preston Pittman (Turkey Calling Champion)

#212 Ken Griffey Jr. (+2 for being someone else’s favorite player)

#23 Joe Mauer (+2 for the same reason as Griffey)

#223 Jason Kubel

#322 Gary Matthews Jr. (+1 for being a member of my favorite team at the time that this card was thought up +2 for being short printed = +3)

#316 Nate McLouth Mini A&G Back SP (+6 for being a short printed mini card with the Old Planter on the back instead of the usual mumbo jumbo they have back there)

#TDH12 Andre Ethier This Day in History (+1 for being a This Day in History insert)

Pack 22 was pretty damn good, especially considering that it didn’t contain any hits. Actually, when you further consider that the very first pack that I opened from this box which held that Robinson Cano bat card only scored me 13 points, squeezing 14 out of this one is really damn good. It’s a little irritating though getting a pack that scored that well knowing that it’s not going to do you any good. It’s kind of like getting blown out in the early innings of a game and then scoring a few in the late innings but still losing. Much like what the Mets have been doing lately, but without the scoring the late innings.

Pack 21 Total: 5
Pack 22 Total: 14
Box Total to Date: 170

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