5 Retail Packs: Pack #4
August 21st, 2009 by slangon

Off the Ginter. Go.

Pack #4: 2009 Topps Series 2
#512 Steve Pearce – 1 Pirate.
#458 Jeremy Bonderman
#435 Carlos Lee – This guy again? Oh, brother.
#606 Nick Johnson – I really like Johnson even though he plays for a bad team.

09TOPPShornsby#LGCB-RH Rogers Hornsby Career Best Legends – Not my favorite of this years inserts, but a pretty sweet card of a Hall-of-Famer none-the-less.

09TOPPSruth#LLG-13 Babe Ruth Legends of the Game – Wow. I think this is first time in my life I’ve ever pulled a Ruth. I really like these Legends inserts, particularly of the old-timey players. I love the hand colored photos.
#TTT48 Mark Teixiera Ticket to Topps Town
#409 Jesse Chavez RC – 2 Pirates.
#481 Nyjer Morgan – 3 Pirates?
#432 Wladimir Balentien
#509 Lou Montanez

09TOPPSreyes#603 Jose Reyes – Always good to pull a Met that I need. This guy is still a Met, right? I really love that someone at Topps made the decision to use this for Reyes’ photograph. Any Mets fan knows how perfect it is. Actually, I have to give it up to Topps on this years photography. Across the board, I think it’s been really good. I guess out of 660 cards, you’re bound to have a few clunkers, but overall, it’s been really good.

Well, this far into the 5 packs, and I’d have to call this one my most successful thus far. 2 big time Hall of Famers, and one of my favorite Mets, that I happen to need. The only thing that could’ve made this pack better is if I were a Pittsburgh fan. Pretty good, though. Last pack coming soon.

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