Trading a 1988 Astros Team Leaders for a 1952 Mickey Mantle, Part IV
June 25th, 2010 by slangon

So the last we left off, I had worked my 1988 Astros Team Leaders card up to a pretty nice 1983 Eddie Murray. Well, there’s been some action since then.

First off, Eddie went to a new home in exchange for a 1982 Fergie Jenkins.

Part of my basic strategy in doing this whole trade-up process is to try to either slightly increase the caliber of player, or trade for an older card. So far, I’ve inch by inch moved from a 1988 to now a 1982. I should’ve learned from the 1983 Fergie Jenkins that I had a few cards ago, though. For some reason that I could not understand, it took me forever to move that Fergie card. This one was no different, as it sat un-traded for nearly 2 weeks, despite a constant barrage of trade offers on my part. (My apologies to anyone reading this who happened to be a victim of my trading spam. But this is in the name of science.) Anyway, eventually, I was able to move Fergie.

I kept to the 1982 set, but now I had a Steve Carlton. I thought I would have an easier time moving Lefty along, but I was apparently incorrect. It took me again almost 2 weeks of constant trade proposals to move him along. I just want to point out, too that it’s not like I was making terrible proposals. I was trying my best to keep the book value within $0.25 or so. Regardless, Lefty eventually left my collection as well.

This time, I moved back as far as vintage, but I think you can say I upgraded player-wise. One thing I was a little leery about is that I already own that Mike Schmidt card. I had sort of been trying to trade for cards that I didn’t have so that in the event that I ended up not being able to trade a particular card away, I wouldn’t be stuck with a double. Fortunately, Mike moved pretty quick.

I think because I had such a hard time trying to trade away those Jenkins and Carlton cards, I was getting a little tired of doing this whole thing. In the end, I decided to just trade that Schmidt for a ’73 Walt “No Neck” Williams. I’ve started a No Neck player collection and  I’ve unoffically started collecting the ’73 set, so it was a double whammy of a good deal for me.

So I think I’m going to call this little experiment of mine a success. I basically traded a 1988 Astros Team Leaders card for a 1973 Walt “No Neck” Williams, straight up. I’d say that’s pretty good.

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