Organizing My Cards: Part III
August 3rd, 2009 by slangon

So before I get to the Ginter blaster and the mail, I just wanted to finish up my organization saga.

At this point I have my goals as a collector all spelled out. Now my only problem, which was pretty much my problem at the get-go, is what to do with the piles upon piles of cards that I’ve already amassed before I figured out what exactly it was that I was trying to achieve.

As I had mentioned in my About Me page, I had started collecting cards when I was just a wee laddie. Then, as near as I can tell from the cards, I must’ve stopped round about 1989 or so, or just about when I was starting high school. Then, maybe 2 years ago or so, I became interested in the hobby again. Obviously, my starting point became whatever cards I had from when I collected as a kid.

trapperkeeperAnd how were those cards stored, you ask? Remember Trapper Keepers? No shit. I guess I must’ve just put whatever cards I deemed “valuable” in pages in this Trapper Keeper, because I found at my parents house a Velveeta box (which by the way, is exactly big enough for baseball cards) filled with commons and crap cards. I’m not sure how I determined what cards were valuable enough to make the cut, but there was a bunch of crap in the Trapper too. Why was I so pumped up on a Pete O’Brien rookie? Why was i saving five ’84 Dale Murphy cards? All the pages were double stuffed, as well. Each pocket had two cards in it, one facing out on each side. I guess a 12 year old doesn’t have a whole lot of extra cash for binder pages.

So the trapper Keeper went bye-bye and all the cards were sorted according to my new baseball card manifesto. Luckily, these days a have a bit more money for binder pages, and I have a large supply of binders donated by my job. My plan now is to put any cards that fall under my prime directives into binders, and everything else will get hid away into card boxes. Perhaps not the best plan on earth, but it’ll do for now. I think I’m up to 5 binders as of now, and I’m only up to the 2001 cards. I think I’m also up to 7 or 8 boxes of cards that did not make the cut.

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