2010 Topps Series 2 Hobby Box, Part 4
May 30th, 2010 by slangon

Pack 9 (Cobb):

436 New York Mets TC
360 Justin Morneau
502 Jhoulys Chacin
350 Prince Fielder / Ryan Braun CL
CMT82 George Brett
CMT112 Andre Ethier Original Back

TR55 Aaron Hill
351 Koji Uehara
440 Willie Harris
Chase Utley Attax

A strong opening for Cobb. Another Mets card (which is a team card, which I love) along with 2 cards that my momma might or might not have thrown out. To make it better, that Ethier card is one of them there original backs.

Pack 10 (Ruth):

418 Aaron Laffey
463 Carlos Marmol
353 Jason Heyward RC
400 Alex Rodriguez
CMT113 Justin Verlander
LL-42 Lou Gehrig / Albert Pujols
382 Kyle Davies
458 Todd Wellemeyer
507 Francisco Rodriguez
Jon Lester Attax

Oh, mama! I thought Cobb came out strong. The Babe busted out of the corner looking to break a few heads. A Heyward rookie, a Gehrig/Pujols Legendary Lineage and a K-Rod card. I was also impressed by that Verlander card that my momma threw out, but you can only scan so many. By the way, am I the only one that has stopped being impressed with pulling an A-Rod card?

Pack 11 (Pedroia):

371 Nick Hundley
494 Andrew Miller
431 John Raynor RC
602 Kansas City Royals FH
CMT100 Ozzie Smith
VLC9 Ozzie Smith

557 Aaron Hill
537 Michael Cuddyer
546 Bud Norris
Chase Utley Attax

Ouch. Another not very strong showing for Dustin. Those Ozzie Smith cards are cool and all, but I don’t think they’re enough to carry the pack.

Pack 12 (Mantle):

533 Gary Matthews Jr.
643 Michael Young
534 Hideki Okajima
564 Houston Astros FH
472 Toronto Blue Jays TC
CMT60 Mickey Mantle
PP-67 Derrek Lee

562 Carlos Quentin
445 Miguel Olivo
349 Felix Pie
Ryan Zimmerman Attax

Well, this probably wasn’t the strongest pack either. The Mantle card is awesome. The ’53 set is one of my favorites. Yeah, it’s a Met, but it is Gary Mathews Jr. The Lee card is kind of cool, but nothing spectacular.

The Verdict:

First place is a no brainer. I thought Ty Cobb came out strong, but Ruth pounded him down to take it. Dustin and Mickey were kind of weak, but I think The Mick was a hair better. The Babe, The Peach, The Mick, Pedroia.

Our score after three:

Cobb – 11
Ruth – 8
Pedroia – 6
Mantle – 5

We’re a third of the way through, folks. Round 4 is coming up.

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  1. I am tried of pulling Mantle cards. Has anyone ever said that the history of collecting?

    But seriously, how many Mantle cards can they stuff in a set?

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