2010 Topps Series 2 Hobby Box, Part 2
May 29th, 2010 by slangon

So begins the battle. 4 contestants, only 1 spot for glory. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your 4 gladiators for Round 1. Let’s get it on.

Pack 1 (Pedroia):

599 Jay Bruce
421 Doug Fister
364 Trevor Hoffman
457 Kanekoa Texeira
411 Jack Wilson
VLC5 George Sisler
T18 Clayton Kershaw

628 Ross Detwiler
578 Aaron Rowand
Matt Holliday Attax

I’m not too sure how I feel about those Vintage Legends inserts. They seem a little random to me. What really is the point of slapping a player from the 20’s on a card design from 1988? This particular one does look pretty good though. Those 2020 Topps cards are just flat out silly. I will say however that they are so silly I actually like them a little.

Pack 2 (Mantle):

444 Yuniesky Betancourt
517 Cliff Pennington
603 Gerardo Parra
646 Trevor Crowe
604 Atlant Braves FH
PP-55 George Kell
T8 Buster Posey

525 David Huff
610 Alex Gordon
Yovani Gallardo Attax

Another pack without much action on the base card front. Hmmm. I like the Peak Performance cards, especially when it’s a guy I don’t really know and it forces me to look them up and learn about them. I hope those Future Topps cards aren’t going to be one per pack. I don’t know if I can deal with that.

Pack 3 (Ruth):

645 Texas Rangers TC
527 Brandon Wood
492 Brian Wilson
554 Ramon Hernandez
225 David Price Pie Face SP
HWS18 Paul Molitor
LL-43 Mike Schmidt / Alex Rodriguez

521 Jeremy Bonderman
484 Mike Fontenot
Grady Sizemore Attax

Great. A pie-face short print. Just what I wanted. I had heard about those World Series History inserts and I thought that was an awesome idea. Seeing this card though I feel like they could’ve done better. It looks a little too Upper Deck 20th Anniversary for my tastes. The Legendary Lineage set was probably my favorite insert set from Series 1. This is a cool card, even if it is a Phillie and a Yankee.

Pack 4 (Cobb):

659 Nick Blackburn
571 Brandon Lyon
563 Bronson Arroyo
590 Ryan Howard
548 Minnesota Twins FH
TR97 Chase Headly

TMC-12 Gary Carter
630 Ben Francisco
568 Jarrod Saltalamacchia
B.J. Upton Attax

Finally we have a pretty cool base card. Even though Howard is a Phillie, he’s probably the guy I hate the least on that team. Plus you can’t deny how awesome he is. I scanned that Twins Franchise History card just because I thought that was a really strange choice for a baseball card photo. Maybe it’s not so much the photo as it is the cropping of the photo. I don’t know. It just looks weird to me. I’m always excited to get a Turkey Red and I enjoy saying Chase Headly.

The Verdict:

Probably the “best” card I got in that round was the David Price short print, but I have to admit, I find those those pie face cards to be incredibly stupid and they actually make me sort of mad. Because of that, I am automatically bumping Babe Ruth to last place in this round. First will go to Ty Cobb since he gave me a Turkey Red as well as a Code Card and that Ryan Howard. Mickey and Dustin are pretty much the same pack to me, but I do like that George Sisler card, so second goes to Dustin Pedroia.

That makes the scoring after Round 1:

Ty Cobb – 4
Dustin Pedroia – 3
Mickey Mantle – 2
Babe Ruth – 1

Stay tuned for Round 2, coming soon.

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  1. You could flip that Price for a quick buck on thEbay. Or better yet you could just send it to me so I could make a quick buck on thEbay! BTW, your package will be in the mail first thing Tuesday morning.

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