A Lazy Sunday eBay Post
May 23rd, 2010 by slangon

I’m not sure what the weather is like where you are, but here in New Jersey it’s one of those days that overcast, a little bit cool and looks like it could rain any second. Not very conducive to the yard work I was planning on doing this afternoon. So instead, I share with you a few cards I got off of the eBay a week or so ago.

You might me saying to yourselves “Geez, this guy is getting a bunch of stuff off of eBay lately. What the hell happened to Sportlots?” Well, after I did a bunch of research into both Sportlots and Check Out My Cards, I’ve come to the conclusion that eBay has it’s merits after all. Over the last few months it seems that I’ve gotten a large percentage of the more common cards that I need for my earlier Mets teams sets. I’ve pretty much gotten to the point where all the cards I need are either stars or high numbered cards. It doesn’t seem like Sportlots is the best spot to purchase those types of cards for a reasonable price. Fortunately for, if you’re patient, you can score vintage stars and high numbers on eBay for not too much money.

I was recently able to snag a pretty big star from a pretty early Mets set for a pretty cheap amount. What was even better was that the seller had a lot of other cool older cards and was only charging a buck for shipping on up to 10 cards. When I come across auctions like that, I can’t help but try to take advantage of cheap shipping so I scored a few other cards other than the one I initially was interested in. Let’s start with the extraneous cards.

1965 Topps #172 Jimmy Piersall

I think I’m unofficially collecting Jimmy Piersall cards. I say unofficially because I’ve never actually decided to collect his cards, but whenever I see one I’ll snatch it up without thinking. Jimmy was of course one of the more colorful players to step onto the field. One of the “highlights” of his career happened to come during the brief period when he played for the Mets and was part of this years Topps Tales of the Game subset. He hit the 100th home run of his career and celebrated by running the bases backwards. Incidentally, that was the only home run he hit that year.

1965 Topps #151 Kansas City Athletics Team Card

Do you ever notice strange little patterns emerge in your collection? Like if even though you don’t particularly collect a certain player, you always end up with their cards? Or maybe you somehow eneded up with 50 doubles of that 1987 Donruss Terry McGriff card. I feel like for whatever reason, out of the handful of 1965 Topps cards that I own a super high percentage of those are A’s. Not that that’s bad. It’s just a weird pattern that’s emerged in my collection. Actually, now that I think of it, you know how different blog writers will often issue challenges for other blog writers to write about? I think that would be an interesting topic for folks to dedicate a post to: What sort of weird patterns have emerged in your collection? One other note about this card, I love the fact that they list the position in the standings of the team on the front. It’s like a badge of honor, or shame in the case of the A’s. And before you think I’m picking on the A’s, let’s not forget this card.

1965 Topps #99 Gil Hodges

I think this is the second card I own of Gil Hodges where he’s managing a team other than the Mets. The other was a ’67. The thing that I notice about these 2 cards is that he seems a hell of a lot happier in those 2 than he does in some of the cards I have of him as a Mets manager. I bet Jerry Manual can relate to that.

1964 Topps #155 Duke Snider

The Silver Fox in a Mets uniform. How awesome is that card? I know I bitched a while back about how the Yankees steal players from other franchises and try to turn them into their own, but this card doesn’t bother me. Maybe that makes me a homer, but so what.

So that’s it for today. Enjoy what little remains of the weekend.

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